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Nespresso Coin Program
Pixie Clips machine Lattissima Touch machine

Enter the world of Nespresso with a coffee machine from ¥540*

*Machine usage fee for the Pixie Clips program, in addition to the monthly purchase of Nespresso coins.

Enjoy the ultimate coffee experience with a 12-month subscription program that includes benefits when purchasing your Nespresso coffee machine and capsules

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Step one

Choose the machine and monthly program that fits your lifestyle

  • Pixie Clips program at ¥1,800 per month during 12 months
    All the Nespresso expertise in one smart little machine
  • Pixie Clips Bundle program at ¥2,700 per month during 12 months
    Frothy coffees at your fingertips
  • Lattissima Touch program at ¥3,600 per month during 12 months
    Choose from espresso to latte in one touch with the ultimate compact machine
Machine use fee from ¥540:
Pixie Clips, RRP price: ¥17,820
Pixie Clips Bundle, RPP price: ¥24,840
Lattissima Touch, RRP price: ¥29,700
(selling price until April 2018)
Step two

Your monthly fee converts into Nespresso Coins of the same amount...

...which can be used to buy anything from the world of Nespresso. How much can you get each month?

You will be able to buy:

Nespresso coffee capsules
Or other accessories such as coffee cups

Use, accumulate or carry over your Nespresso Coins for up to 1 year after your Nespresso Coin Program ends.

Step three

Manage your Nespresso Coin Program easily

Access your Nespresso Coin Program details by logging into My account. After 12 months, your Nespresso Coin Program will be automatically renewed monthly until you cancel it. If you decide to cancel before, a cancellation fee applies depending on your chosen Nespresso Coin Program (see terms and conditions). In this case, the machine will remain yours. That's it. It's that simple.

Subscribe to the Nespresso Coin Program now and benefit from 5% discount on coffee capsules and free delivery on all orders containing coffee capsules (minimum order of 50 capsules applies).

How to order:

1. Select your preferred Nespresso Coin Program and proceed to checkout.

2. Pay your selected machine at a special price and your first monthly fee.

3. An email will be sent to you within a day when your Nespresso Coin Program is created and when your monthly fee is converted into Nespresso Coins added into your account.

4. Spend your Nespresso Coins on any Nespresso products.



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Frequently asked questions

  • Nespresso Coin Program is a new way of onboarding and welcoming you to the world of Nespresso, with an offer for a machine of your choice at a very low price. This offer comes with a 12-month subscription: you will pay a fee each month. Your monthly fee becomes Nespresso Coins of the same amount that you can use to buy whatever Nespresso product you want and build your own coffee experience. You can use Nespresso Coins to buy Nespresso coffee capsules, cups or other accessories. You can use your Nespresso Coins whenever you want. Also, Nespresso Coins are cumulative: you do not need to spend all of them every month. Actually, you can still use them for 1 year after the expiration of your 12 month subscription.
  • In fact, the coffee machine usage fee is between ¥540 and ¥1,620, depending on the chosen program. Then, the monthly fee payment will be converted into Nespresso coins that you can use to purchase Nespresso products such as coffee capsules, coffee machines, coffee cups and other accessories. Nespresso coins are available for 1 year after the termination or the cancellation of the "Nespresso Coin Program", as well as while the subscription is active.
  • After applying to the Nespresso Coin Program, Nespresso will send you a coffee machine after confirming the payment of the coffee machine usage fee and the first monthly fee. If you cancel after the minimum purchase period, the coffee machine will be yours and you can keep it. If you wish to cancel before the minimum purchase period expires, a cancellation fee will be charged according to the chosen program. Also, the coffee machine must be returned to Nespresso. Please refer to the Nespresso Coin Program Terms and Conditions for more details about cancellation.
  • Yes. It is the same as for a regular machine purchase.
  • When you subscribe to the Nespresso Coin Program, you also become member of the Nespresso Club. The Nespresso Coins are applied, every month, upon the payment of the monthly fee, directly and automatically on your Nespresso account. You can check your Nespresso Coins online on your profile on (My account > Nespresso Coin Program) or by calling Nespresso (0120-57-3101).
  • Nespresso Coins will be credited on your Nespresso account within 7 days after receing the payment of the monthly fee.
  • Yes, Nespresso Coins can be cumulated. You can buy whenever you want. You do not have to use up your Nespresso coins every month. In addition, you can also use your Nespresso Coins only partially, they will still carry over. In fact, Nespresso Coins will even be valid / usable up to 1 year after the end of your 12-month subscription.
  • You have the right to change your mind and cancel your Nespresso Coin Program, without giving any reason, within 8 days of the day you receive (or a person nominated by you, if any, receives) the first delivery of Nespresso capsules and/or the Nespresso machine (the "cooling-off period"). To cancel, please call Nespresso on 0120-57-3101. Then, please download and fill out the cancellation form with your personal details, and send it to Nestlé Nespresso K.K. (Higashi-gotanda Square 15F, 2-10-2 Higashi-gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022). You will need to return the machine to us in good state (and any other product bought with Nespresso Coins – capsules sleeves should be unopened). You will then be entitled to a full refund of ¥540, ¥1,080, or ¥1,620 (depending on chosen Nespresso Coin Program), as well as the first monthly fee. Nespresso will refund you within 30 days after receipt of the returned coffee machine and cancellation form. If you wish to keep some items bought with your Nespresso Coins, you can. In that case, we will deduct the value from the refund of your monthly fee. Please refer to the Nespresso Coin Program Terms and Conditions for more details about cancellation.
  • The duration of your subscription is 12 months. However, if you wish to cancel before the end of the subscription, and after the cooling-off period of 8 days decribed above, you can by calling Nespresso on 0120-57-3101:
    - You will only have to pay the cancelation fee that corresponds to the plan that you have chosen: ¥5,400 for the Pixie Clips program, ¥7,560 for the Pixie Clips & Aeroccino program and ¥10,800 for the Lattissima Touch program;
    - Your machine is still yours to keep;
    - Your remaining Nespresso Coins will still be available for you to use to buy Nespresso products for 1 year after the date of cancelation (however, you will not be entitled to a refund in cash for any monthly fee already paid).
  • As long as your Nespresso Coin Program is active, you will benefit from free delivery on orders containing coffee capsules as well as 5% discount on coffee capsules. Please, note that there will still be a minimal order quantity of 50 capsules, as this is the minimum size of the packages that we use for delivery (to guarantee that the items arrive to you in good conditions). Also, please note that free delivery will only be applied for orders containing coffee capsules. If you decide to terminate your subscription (or in case of early cancellation) these benefits will no longer be applied.
  • After the minimum purchase period (after completing the payment of the 12 monthly fees), your subscription will be automatically renewed and the monthly fee payment will continue each month until you cancel. In case of cancellation, please contact the Nespresso call center (toll-free 0120-57-3101) by the last day before the next payment. If cancellation is made after the minimum purchase period has expired, then no cancellation fee will be incurred. In addition, the coffee machine becomes yours and you can keep it.