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More than you see

A concentrate of functionalities in a compact design
Pixie is designed as the SMART model in our range, condensing a wide range of
innovative, advanced features in a surprisingly small machine.

Key benefits

  • PIXIE is small
  • PIXIE is fast
  • PIXIE is eco-friendly

Colors & Ideas

Playful Shapes, Electric colors, sleek finish... a sprightly beauty you can’t stop admiring.

A little color in your coffee.
Long before he became the designer he is today, the creator of the PIXIE was a young man who was fascinated by colorful shapes and objects.
Red Dot Award : product design 2011.

Compact & modern design.
Available in 4 colors: Carmine, Titanium, Steel and Aluminium.

Pixie is fastOn your marks, get set, taste

PIXIE, the quickest of the Nespresso machines, reaches its heating temperature in 25 seconds, thanks to its quick thermo-block, and delivers for you a coffee in record time.
A powerful technique that nobody can rival.

Heats in 25 seconds
Optimized water flow.

Available in 6 colors et 2 finishes. Steel handle and aluminum sides.

Pixie is ergonomic

Standing a little over 8 Nespresso capsules piled high, and yet with a deep water storage space, PIXIE is no larger or longer than a coffee spoon. Its size is that of a small rabbit, with delicate ears and soft fur.

Easy to hold in the hand, squeeze into any space in your kitchen, your living room, your office, or your ... garden.

"just over 8 Nespresso capsules in height"
Pixie is intelligent

Adjusting the water level is clear

With a smart alert system, Pixie will notify you when the reservoir is almost empty. However, PIXIE, with its 0.7 liter tank, has been engineered to be suitable for everyday life.

When the water level gets too low, PIXIE warns you with an indicator light.
Pixie is Eco-friendly

Automatic off mode after 9 min

This commitment is today taking shape in the aluminium of the panels of the Carmine and Brown PIXIE machines, which is made of minimum 98% recycled Nespresso capsules.

  • How to take care of my machine?

    1. Descale your machine at least once a year for soft water
    Note: for hard water descale twice per year. (If you don’t know what water type you have hard water tends to leave white marks in the water tank)
    Order a descaling kit now
    2. Eject your capsules after each use
    3. Frequently change the water tank with fresh drinking water
    4. Regularly empty and clean the capsule container and drip tray
    5. For integrated milk devices, activate the cleaning procedure after each use
    6. Before your first coffee, brew water without capsule by pressing any coffee button.
    By doing so, you pre-heat your coffee cup and you rinse the extraction system for better coffee experience.

  • How high is the percentage of recyclable material used in Nespresso machines?

    On average, our machines have a 60% recyclability potential.
    And today, Nespresso Club Members can bring their machines back to wherever they bought them or in any electrical appliance store. In Europe,, the European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has been in force since 2003. It provides a framework in which consumers can return their used electrical and electronic appliances for recycling.

  • What does 19 bars mean?

    All the Nespresso machines are equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump, which provides the power needed to pierce the film of the capsule and reveal the coffee’s 900 or so different aromas. The shape of the Nespresso capsule has been specially designed to ensure that the pressurised water flows evenly through the ground coffee during extraction. The temperature and flow time are also set to ensure that each precious aroma is expressed.

  • What does the blinking and non blinking on the machine mean?

    1. If the capsule container lightened in red means that the water tank is almost empty.
    If it's red lighted and the water tank is full, try the following:
    - empty the watertank and fill it with fresh water
    - clean the bottom of the water tank with a soft cloth.
    2. If no light, it means that this machine switches itself OFF automatically after 9 min. This time can be changed to 30 min.
    - Switch the machine OFF.
    - Press the Espresso and Lungo buttons simultaneously, then press the ON/OFF button.
    3. If irregular blinking, please call the call center.

  • How to troubleshoot my machine when it has little or no coffee flow?

    1. If there is no coffee flow, please check that:
    - the mains supply cord is not trapped between the water tank and the machine
    - the water tank is sufficiently filled and properly positioned
    - your machine is turned on (lights ON)
    2. If the machine has low coffee flow, you need to descale your machine.

  • What is the size of the water tank for the Pixie model?

    The removable water tank on the Pixie models holds 0.7 litres. Backlight indicators detect when the water tank needs refilling (Blue/grey light when full, red light when empty) It is also possible to refill the water tank directly on the machine without removing the tank.

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