How to Drink Coffee - Nespresso


What Grands Crus
do you choose for today?
Are you selecting a coffee each day
and each time?
Short or long, regular or decaffeinated, flavored
or unflavored …
Nespresso’s Grand Crus are so varied that you’ll
find one that best suits your needs and moods.
“Robust aroma to have a
nice morning”
Morning is a busy time, so just push a button.
You’ll get a genuine coffee.
The rich aroma of a Nespresso Grand Cru will
lift up your energy for the new day.
Recipes using recommended Grand Crus
“Strong taste to reset you
for the afternoon”
Have a Nespresso Grand Cru with a strong taste profile after lunch.
The clear finish will refresh you and make the afternoon delightful.
Grand Crus Recommended for After lunch
Recipes using recommended Grand Crus
“Choose a coffee that best accompanies your afternoon treat.”
From the rich variety of Nespresso Grand Crus, choose one with a more delicate and distinct character than your morning one. Remember to consider the taste of the accompanying dessert.
Recipes using recommended Grand Crus
“Decaf to lead you into a dream”
A decaf will soothe your mind and body at the end of a long day.
Having it with milk would always be a good decision. Enjoy an unhurried time of comfort with a Nespresso Grand Cru.
Recipes using recommended Grand Crus
“Original coffee recipes for leisurely holidays”
We have some suggestions for making your Nespresso coffee even more special.
Try our coffee recipes to entertain your precious guests.
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