Terms of use and purchase

on the Nespresso website

and application


Last Update : April, 2023

 1. Definitions

In these regulations:

1.1. "Nespresso" – Nespresso Israel Ltd.

1.2. "Consumer Protection Law" – the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 and the regulations promulgated thereunder.

2. General

2.1. This website is intended for providing information about Nespresso products, for providing Nespresso announcements and updates to its customers and the general public, for registering as a customer of Nespresso, and for purchasing from the variety of Nespresso products via the Internet.

2.2. The terms of these regulations are formulated in the masculine singular, but they refer to both genders alike.

2.3. Nespresso may change from time to time the terms of use of the site and the terms of purchase of its products, and any change will take effect from the date of its publication.

2.4 Use of the Website, including browsing and/or purchasing products by the User, constitutes confirmation that the User has read the provisions of these regulations and that he agrees to the provisions thereof, including the terms of the Privacy Policy, as updated from time to time.

2.5 The use of the site is done for the convenience of users and Nespresso does everything in its power to ensure that the site functions properly. However, Nespresso will not be responsible for malfunctions in the operation of the site or in the equipment used to operate it, nor will it be responsible for malfunctions in communication, non-recording of data, information provided mistakenly, and any other malfunction involving the use of the site.

 3. Intellectual Property

The contents of the site constitute the intellectual property of Nespresso. It is forbidden to copy from the Site any content, including text and any other verbal content, video content, symbols and other graphic marks, and brand symbols of the Company.

 4. Confidentiality and Privacy

Confidentiality and privacy rules are detailed on the privacy policy page of the company's website.

The information provided to us will be used, inter alia, for marketing, advertising, sending notices and messages and may also be provided to third parties working with Nespresso Israel. For full information on the Privacy Policy and the use of the information one may review the privacy policy terms at the link indicated above.

 5. Product Sales Policy

5.1. Nespresso sells coffee products and related products only to its registered customers. Therefore, the purchase of coffee and related products will be possible only after registration as a Nespresso customer. One may register as a customer through the website or through the telephone number *2500.

5.2. Nespresso does not sell its products to wholesalers and businesses that intend to resell them to customers. Therefore, Nespresso will be entitled to refuse to accept an order for products that are intended for resale to customers.

5.3. Nespresso shall be entitled to limit the quantity of products sold to a single customer, at its sole discretion.

5.4. The supply of any product from the variety of products offered for sale by Nespresso is conditional on the availability of the product at the time of placing the order.

5.5. After-sales service: If you encounter any problem, or have questions about the operation, maintenance or service of your machine, please call Nespresso to consult and get help.

If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, Nespresso offers a variety of service options.

As part of the Nespresso service, if you find a malfunction in your machine, Nespresso will provide you with a replacement machine (without a milk frothing solution) for the duration of the repair period.

It is clarified that this service is provided only within the framework of the delivery of repair machines through Nespresso's courier services.

For detailed information on Nespresso's variety of service options, please contact us at 1800-255-355.

 6. Performance of orders

6.1. Ordering products will be made through a computerized ordering procedure that can be made on the site or by telephone order using telephone number *2500. Payment for reservations via the Internet or by telephone is only possible by credit or debit cards. Nespresso accepts all major credit cards active in Israel (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club).

6.2. Each order will be made in accordance with the prices of the products that will be in effect at the time of placing the order. Nespresso will be entitled to change the prices of its products at any time, and such changes will apply from the date of their publication, or from another date as Nespresso will announce.

6.3. An order will be considered binding only after confirmation of the order by Nespresso at the end of the order procedure.

6.4. Products ordered will be delivered to the customer by courier to the delivery address specified by the customer during the order procedure, subject to the provisions of section 7.1, or through other delivery arrangements determined from time to time by Nespresso. Upon delivery, a special bag, supplied by Nespresso, containing recyclable coffee capsules, can be delivered to the courier. Upon receipt of a new machine, an old coffee machine can be returned to the courier for recycling, free of charge. Recyclable bags capsules and recyclable coffee machines can also be delivered in Nespresso stores.

6.5. For the delivery of the products, the customer will be charged shipping charges in accordance with the rates set by Nespresso from time to time.

6.6. In order to avoid waiting for the courier, it is possible to specify at the time of placing an order in telephone customer service (or under "Message to the courier" at the checkout stage of ordering a website) that the shipment will be left in an agreed place near the house (such as an electricity board cabinet, a communication cabinet or in a hidden place in the yard of a private house). This arrangement does not apply to delivery that includes a coffee machine.

         For full information on shipping conditions, please contact the Delivery Terms page on the Company's website.

6.7 Ordering coffee alone on the site is conditional on the actual purchase for a minimum amount of NIS 100 (the value of benefits, discounts and gifts will not be considered part of the purchase amount).

6.8 In accordance with the provisions of the law, against payment for the order, Nespresso will issue the customer a receipt and at the time of delivery of the products, an invoice will be issued to the customer.

7. Delivery Dates

7.1. Delivery of products to customers is made to places located in the coverage areas of Nespresso's courier services only. Customers whose place of supply is outside the coverage areas will be able to purchase the products at one of Nespresso's boutique stores.

7.2. According to Nespresso's supply policy, ordered products are intended to be delivered to customers within one to two business days from the day following the date of the order. It is clarified, however, that the date of delivery of orders depends on the action of a third party service provider, and therefore Nespresso's supply policy does not constitute a commitment of Nespresso. In addition, in localities that are far from urban centers as well as in areas outside the Green Line, delivery dates may depend on the geographic distribution and coverage of Nespresso's courier service providers. In addition, said delivery dates refer to routine situations. There may be delays in delivery dates due to changes in the security situation or as a result of events beyond the Company's control.

7.3. Nespresso will not bear any responsibility in the event that the ordered products are supplied after more than two business days have passed after the date of placing the order and the customer will not be entitled to any relief or compensation for such delay. However, if an ordered product is not delivered within five business days from the day following the date of the order, the customer will be entitled to cancel the order and in this case his charge for the order will be canceled.

 8. Product Return and Transaction Cancellation Policy

8.1 In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, it is possible to cancel a transaction for the purchase of products from the date of making the purchase and up to 14 days from receipt of the products.

8.2 Cancellation of the transaction will be made in one of the following ways: oral contact to telephone number *2500/1800-255-355, at the Company's offices at 36 Shaham Street, Petach Tikva, and in any of the Company's boutique stores; Notice by e-mail to ILCS@nespresso.com address; facsimile message to 03-9240778 or via the Company's website.

8.3 In the cancellation notice, the customer's name and identification number must be specified, and in the oral notice, the telephone number by which the customer is identified in the Company's records must also be provided.

8.4 In the event of such cancellation, the customer will be obligated to pay the Company NIS 100 or 5% of the product price, whichever is lower.

8.5Cancellation of a transaction that is not sold by way of remote transaction is conditional on returning the product without it being damaged and without any use being made thereof.

8.6 For full information, please refer to the transaction cancellation policy page on the Company's website.

9. For inquiries and questions regarding service issues, financial issues and other inquiries please call Nespresso customer service department at *2500