Terms and Conditions of Use and Purchase in the Website

Last update: Nov, 2020

1. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions:

1.1.   "Nespresso" – the company Nespresso Israel Ltd.

1.2.   "Consumer Protection Law" – the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 and the regulations instituted thereunder.

 2. General 

2.1.   This website is intended for providing information on the products of Nespresso, for releasing announcements and updates by Nespresso to its customers and to the general public, for joining the customers club of Nespresso, and for the purchase of the variety of Nespresso products through the Internet.

2.2.   These Terms and Conditions are drafted in singular masculine gender, yet they apply to both genders alike.

2.3.   Nespresso is entitled to change from time to time the terms of the use of the website and the terms of the purchase of its products, and any such change shall come into force on the date of its publication.

3. Intellectual Property

The contents of the website constitute intellectual property of Nespresso. One may not copy from the website any item of its contents, including text and any other verbal writing, video substances, logos and any other graphic symbols, and brand symbols of Nespresso.

4. Confidentiality and Privacy 

Secrecy rules and privacy policy rules are specified on the Privacy Policy page of the site.

5. Products Sale Policy 

5.1.   Nespresso sells coffee and related products only to members of its customers club. Therefore, one may purchase coffee and related products only after joining the customers club through the website or by contacting the company through telephone number *2500.

5.2.   Nespresso does not sell its products to wholesalers and to businesses who intend to resell the products to consumers. Therefore Nespresso will have the right to decline an order if the products of such order are intended for resell to consumers.

5.3.   Nespresso will have the right to limit the quantity of products that it sells to a single customer, at its sole discretion.

5.4.   The delivery of any product from the variety of the products that Nespresso offers is conditional on the availability of such product at the time of placing the order.

5.5   After Sale Service: If you encounter any problem or if you have queries on the operation, maintenance or servicing of your machine, please contact Nespresso Israel in order to consult with us and to have our support services. If the problem cannot be rectified by telephone support, Nespresso Israel offers variety of service options. As part of the service of Nespresso Israel, in the event that a flaw will occur in your machine, Nespresso Israel will provide you with a loaned machine (without milk frothing device) for the duration of the repair. It is clarified that this service is offered only for those who bring machines for repair through the courier services of the Nespresso Israel. For detailed information on the variety of service options of Nespresso Israel please call 1-800-255-355.

6. Delivery of Orders  

6.1.   The placement of orders will be conducted in a computerized ordering process through the website or by telephone order through telephone number *2500. Payment for orders placed through the Internet or through the telephone can be effected only by credit cards or debit cards. Nespresso accepts all the main credit cards that are customary in Israel (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club).

6.2.   Every order will be made at the then prevailing prices of the required products. Nespresso has the right to change the prices of its products at any time, whereby such change will apply from the date of its announcement or from another date on which Nespresso shall notify.

6.3.   An order shall be deemed binding only after it has been approved by Nespresso at the end of the process of the order.

6.4.   Products that were ordered will be delivered by a courier to the address indicated by the customer in the order process, subject to the terms of section 7.1, or by other delivery arrangements that Nespresso shall determine from time to time. When you receive the new machine, you may send the old machine back with the courier to be recycled, at not cost. The espresso machine can also be returned for recycling at Nespresso’s retail branches. 

6.5.   For the delivery of the products the customer will be charged to pay delivery charges according to the delivery rates that Nespresso shall determine from time to time.

6.6 Ordering coffee from the site is given with a minimum limit of 5 coffee sleeves, regardless of the order height or the composition of the other order products.

7. Times of Delivery 

7.1.   The delivery of products to the customers is made only to the places located in the coverage areas of the courier service providers of Nespresso. Customers whose place of delivery is located outside of the coverage areas will be able to collect the products from one of the boutique shops of Nespresso. 

7.2.   According to the deliveries policy of Nespresso, ordered products are intended to be delivered within one to two business days from the day that follows the date of the placement of the order. It is clarified, however, that the time of the delivery of the orders depends on the operations of an external supplier, and therefore the deliveries policy does not constitute a binding commitment of Nespresso. Furthermore, in settlements which are distant from urban centers and in areas outside the Green Line, the times of delivery may depend on the geographic deployment and on the coverage of the courier services suppliers of Nespresso. In addition, the aforementioned delivery times apply in regular routine circumstances. There might be delays in the delivery times as a result of security reasons or as a result of events beyond the control of the company.

7.3.   Nespresso shall bear no responsibility whatsoever in the event that the ordered products were delivered more than two days after the day that followed the date of placement of the order, and the customer will not be entitled to any relief or compensation therefor. Yet if ordered product shall have not been delivered within five business days from the day that followed the date of the placement of the order, the customer will have the right to cancel the order and in such a case his charge for the order will be cancelled.

8. Products Return Policy and Cancellation of Purchases

8.1 According to the Consumer Protection Law a transaction for the purchase of products may be cancelled from the date of its execution until 14 days from the receipt of the products.

8.2 The cancellation will be effected in one of the following modes: verbal notice by telephone number *2500/ 1800-255-355 , or at the offices of the company at 36 Shacham Street, Petach Tikva or at any of the boutique stores of the company; transmission of an e-mail message to the e-mail address ILCS@nespresso.com, ; facsimile transmission to fax number 03-9240778 or at the web site of the company.

8.3 In each notice the name of the client and his identification number will be indicated, and in a verbal notice also the telephone number by which the client is identified in the records of the company will be indicated as well.

8.4 Disabled people, senior citizens and people with the status of Oleh Hadash may cancel the transaction from the date of its execution until 4 months from the receipt of the products.

8.5 In the event of cancellation of transaction as aforesaid, the client will be charged to pay the company NIS100 or 5% of the price of the product, whichever is the lesser.

8.6 The cancellation of a transaction in case of frontal purchase is conditional upon the return of the product without any harm and without making any use thereof.

9. Data and Privacy

The information provided to us will be used, inter alia, for marketing activities, advertising, sending notices and messages and in addition it may perhaps be provided to a third party who works with Nespresso Israel. You can review the privacy policy for full information on the nature of the use of the information via the following link.

10. Inquiries and Applications for Service

For inquiries on financial matters and applications for service one may contact the service department of Nespresso at telephone number *2500