Cancellation of Orders:

According to the Consumer Protection Law the transaction may be cancelled from the date of its execution until 14 days from the receipt of the products. Notice of cancellation may be given in one of the following modes: verbal notice by telephone number *2500/  or at the offices of the company at 36 Shacham Street, Petach Tikva or at any of the boutique stores of the company; transmission of an e-mail message to the e-mail address; facsimile transmission to fax number  03-9240778 ; or at the web site of the company In the notice the name of the client and his identification number will be indicated, and in a verbal notice also the telephone number by which the client is identified in the records of the company will be indicated as well. Disabled people, senior citizens and people with the status of Oleh Hadash may cancel the transaction from the date of its execution until 4 months from the receipt of the product. In the event of cancellation of transaction as aforesaid, the client will be charged to pay the company NIS100 or 5% of the price of the product, whichever is the lesser. The cancellation of a transaction in case of frontal purchase is conditional upon the return of the product without any harm and without making any use thereof.