Nespresso Israel Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated in August 2022.

Welcome to the “Nespresso” website. Maintaining your privacy is important to us, and we devote special attention to this matter. This document contains the Nespresso Israel Ltd. (the “Company”, or “Nespresso”) privacy policy concerning information collected by Nespresso about you through the Company’s website or another website operated for the Company, a mini-site, application, campaign, or Company activity you join (collectively, the “Website”), as well as concerning information collected about you by Nespresso when you make a purchase at one of Nespresso’s coffee boutiques or via telephone, when you join the Nespresso members club through one of these means and, as part of any Nespresso activities carried out by any one of the aforesaid means. You are under no legal obligation to provide the information and providing the same is entirely dependent on your will and consent. The Nespresso databases are held and managed by the global “Nestlé” group and are also updated on the third-party data systems (for example, Salesforce, however Nespresso may engage other or additional third parties).
This document is drafted using male gender language, for simplicity purposes only, but it equally refers to all genders. We apologize in advance for for any inconvenience.
For comments, questions, inquiries, and suggestions regarding the Nespresso privacy policy, you may contact the Company via email sent to or via telephone to our customer service at *2500 / 03-9241334.
If you believe your privacy was somehow harmed, by any entity, please contact us using one of the above listed channels of contact.
In this document: “information” or “personal information” means, any identifying information concerning yourself which you provide when you register to the Website, make a purchase or show interest in Nespresso products (including at the Nespresso coffee boutiques, on the Nespresso Website and through the Nespresso call center), when you join the members’ club, as well as any identifying information which may be collected about you ancillary to you browsing the Website, or when joining a specific Company campaign or activity.
When you browse through and interact with the Website, or provide your details through the Website, at a coffee boutique or via the telephone, you are deemed to have consented to the content of this document and to the use of the information about you, in accordance with applicable law. If you do not agree with what is stated below, please refrain from browsing the Website or providing details or, contact us via one of the means of contact as detailed above so we may assist you in alternative ways to your satisfaction. Use of personal information about you will be made in accordance with this document or in accordance with legal obligations.

A. The Information Collected About You

1. Registration to the Nespresso Website and/or members club, as well as any negotiations or showing interest in purchasing Nespresso products, may involve providing personal details to Nespresso, including, full name, residential address, identity number, telephone number and email address. The provision of these details constitutes the user’s consent to receive notifications and non-marketing system updates from Nespresso, via email or via text messages to the mobile phone number or via another digital form, subject to the provisions of applicable law.

2. The purchase of Nespresso products through the Website, via the telephone and/or at the coffee boutique may involve the giving of personal details for the purpose of completing the purchase, including full name, residential address, identity number, telephone number, email address and details of payment. The clearing system of Nespresso, to which you may be requested to input your payment details, is operated by CreditGuard Ltd., which operates according to security standard PCI-DSS.

3. It is possible that the Website will include links or hyperlinks to other websites, by Nespresso or by third parties with the permission of Nespresso, as well as banners that contain links to other websites. Use of these links is made entirely at user’s responsibility and risk and may cause the collection of your personal information by third parties. Nespresso will not be liable or responsible for any damage or other harm caused to the user due to the use of these links and the entry into websites linked thereby.

4. To improve the Website’s content and adjust it to the needs of those browsing and using the Website, to personalize services, messages and advertising content, as well as to operate the Website, verify your details and/or verify your identity, and for statistical and research purposes, Nespresso uses tracking technologies to collect certain data from your device, such as the type of browser, operating system, time of entry to Website, and the like. These tracking technologies may contain, amongst others, information files sent to browsers and saved on the user’s computer drive (“cookies”). Cookies are text files created when using the Website, presuming your computer or cellular device settings permit the same. Cookie files contain information on the method of accessing the internet page and its use, such as settings, time of use or exposure, linked pages and services. In addition, cookies may even save information concerning your browsing habits on other websites, including any pages you browsed and your other activities therein. You may limit the use of cookies by changing the settings on your browser. Limiting cookies may result in you being unable to use part of the services offered on the Website. Additional information about cookies and similar technologies, and the possibility of limiting their activity can be found, by way of example, on the following websites: and
Furthermore, this Website may use various documentation actions that allow documentation of mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and text-typing into online forms. The information collected through these actions will be used to improve accessibility and usage of our Website. Information collected will be saved for improving the Website, research, and statistical analysis.

5. The Company may also receive personal information from third parties. This includes, Google cookies that may be embedded within the Google Analytics system which assists in customizing the user experience and make statistical conclusions, and alongside this, we use tools by companies such as Google, Facebook, Criteo, Outbrain, YouTube and more, for advertising, collection of data and showing Company advertisements (including targeted advertisements) on the internet.
For more information about use of cookies through third parties and/or to opt-out from the use thereof, you can go to the following websites:
B. Uses of your personal information collected by Nespresso

1. Nespresso may use your personal information for the following purposes, in whole or in part:
Handling orders – to handle your orders and fulfill them, and to inform you of the status of your orders (including orders made online through the Website, at the coffee boutique and via the telephone).

Customer account management – to create your customer account with us and manage the same, and to operate specific activities such as managing customer loyalty or award programs connected to your account.
Customer services – to provide you with service, including responding to your inquiries, complaints, and general feedback about our products. Service may be provided using various means of communication, including via email, letters, telephone, or an online chat feature. For your information, we record calls made to the Company’s customer service call center for control and service improvement purposes.
Active communications with customers – to engage you more actively with our products and services. To this end, we may use content created by customer or advertise the same. No payment whatsoever will be made for use of content you created.
Personalization – Nespresso may combine your personal information collected from one source (such as the Company’s Website) with data collected from another source (such as a distributor of Nespresso products). This will provide Nespresso with a more complete customer perception that will enable Nespresso to provide you with improved services better suited to your needs, and which will be provided, amongst others, in connection with the following:
  • Websites – to improve your browsing experience and personalize it to your needs, whilst using information that includes, amongst others, account entry data, computer technical data and/or prior browsing data.
  • Products – to improve Nespresso’s products, personalize them to your needs and create new ideas for products. In this respect, included will be demographic data, data of customer characteristics and customers’ feedback.
  • Interest based advertising – to provide you with advertising personalized to your interests. One way in which Nespresso does this is to personalize activities or information collected from Nespresso Websites and match it with your data collected from websites of third parties (data matching). This type of advertising is also known as “network behavior-based advertising” or “targeted advertising”. This personalization is performed by cookie files or similar technologies.
Marketing messages – to provide you with marketing messages where you agreed to receive the same (including information about Nespresso, its products and services, competitions, and sales promotions). These messages may be delivered through electronic means (e.g., text messages, email, and online advertising) and via the post. If you agreed to receive text messages, then the policies of your mobile phone service provider will apply, who may charge a payment for the same.
Embedding social features – to offer you several social features, including the following:
  •  Features of online communities on the Nespresso Website – when you visit the Nespresso Website in which marketing activities of a community are embedded, and ancillary to that, you upload or share content, pictures, videos, artwork or other content, Nespresso may use or showcase the personal data you share on these sites.
  • Features of viral network sharing – Nespresso may use your personal information to offer you features of viral network sharing, such as a feature of “tell a friend”, where you can share with family and friends, certain news, information about products, promotions, or other content. Use of this feature will involve the collecting and use of personal contact information (e.g., names and email addresses) so that a specific message or content will be delivered to their addressees. To the extent you provide us with personal information of third parties, you must obtain (prior to providing the information) their consent to the same, and liability for obtaining this consent rests entirely with you.
  • Social networking with third parties – Nespresso may use your personal information when you use social networking features with third parties, such as “Facebook Connect” or “Facebook Like”. These features may be embedded in Nespresso Websites for various purposes, such as the transfer of content and giving you the option to share content with your friends.
    If you use these features, Nespresso may obtain your personal information from information stemming from your social connections. You can learn more on how these features work and of your profile data that Nespresso may obtain by visiting the website of the relevant social network. 
Other specific purposes – we may use your personal information for other specific business purposes, including, for the purpose of:
  • operating daily activities, securing the Nespresso websites, performing demographical research, and contacting you for consumer research purposes.
  • marketing of information from social networks.
  • personalization for you of content and services, such as providing targeted advertising. Nespresso may customize the activity or information collected about you with information collected about you by third party websites.
Providing information to third parties – we may deliver personal information to third parties as follows:
  • to contractors or service providers on our behalf, for the provision of services to you in accordance with the terms of use or an agreement with you (e.g., storing information with cloud service providers);
  •  to our professional advisors (e.g., lawyers, accountants), to the extent necessary for the provision of their services;
  • if we reorganize our activity under another entity, including, through a merger, sale of operations etc., provided that the entity into which we merge and/or which will take over our activities (in whole or in part) will undertake the provisions of this privacy policy;
  • in the case of a legal dispute between yourself (and/or anyone on your behalf) and us (and/or anyone on our behalf), to the extent necessary to handle such dispute as aforesaid;
  • to operators of social networks or other internet platforms (e.g., Facebook or Google) and, to providers of advertising and promotion services, for the purpose of sending and presenting of marketing and advertising content, including personalized advertisements, including on third party platforms;
  • with the consent and approval of the user;
  • in accordance with the requirements of any law and/or authorized body, as well as for conducting legal proceedings.
    In connection with the above listed purposes, the information may be transferred and/or kept outside the borders of the State of Israel, including in countries where the level of protection of personal information is lower than in Israel. In the event of a transfer as aforesaid, such transfer shall be made in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.
C. Advertising communications

1. The Company offers the sending of electronic and other advertising (inter alia, via the internet and cellular networks, including text messages (SMS) and email, and in any other manner, existing now or in the future, including the receipt of a newsletter), which is considered to be general mail or advertising delivered directly to users that chose the same.
2. A user that confirms the receipt of advertising hereby represents, confirms, and acknowledges the provisions of Amendment No. 40 to the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcastings), 5768-2008 (the “Telecom Law”), and explicitly agrees to receive advertising sent by the Company, in all methods listed in the Telecom Law and in any other relevant future manner. It is clarified, we use information about you as aforesaid, in order to deliver the most suitable content to you to you and to facilitate optimal characterization of the types of products and services most suitable to you.
3. The user has the right to revoke the consent given to receive advertising by using the means stipulated in the Telecom Law, through the user’s personal account on the Website, after logging in to the account, as well as by contacting the customer service via telephone number 03-9241334 or *2500, during its work hours. The removal shall be made no later than 48 hours after the user has opted-out of the mailing list. Notwithstanding, removal from the mailing list will not delete the information collected about the user from the Company’s databases, and the Company shall be permitted to continue using said information in accordance with the purposes listed in this privacy policy. A user may re-register for mailing as aforesaid by contacting the customer services or updating the information in the personal account.
D. Minors

The Website is not intended for minors under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect personal information of minors as aforesaid. To the extent you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor, and you believe your child is using the Website, we request that you inform us immediately. If you contact us in your capacity as a parent or legal guardian, we may ask that you provide your personal information to prove your identity.

E. Information security

Nespresso implements reasonable measures, as it deems fit, to secure the safety of accessing the Website. We use advanced technological and organizational means to secure the information in our control against opportunistic or intentional use, loss, destruction or access or penetration by unauthorized or non-licensed persons and entities. Despite the advanced measures we implement, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of the information and its retention, and we cannot commit to our services being entirely immune against unauthorized access to the information stored therein. Nespresso shall bear no liability whatsoever in connection with any flaw in the communications data traffic and of any leak of information due to a wilful act or negligence of any third party, or due to a hacking of the Website.

F. Retention of information

We will retain your personal information for the period required to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, including for performing duties imposed on us by law, including reporting duties. To determine the appropriate period for retaining personal information, we will consider, amongst others, the purpose of its collection, scope, nature, sensitivity, risk associated with unauthorized access to the personal information and the period during which we may need the personal information to meet legal requirements or for conducting legal proceedings.

G. Exercising your rights

According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, any person is entitled to review the information held in a database concerning oneself. A person that reviewed the information about oneself and found that such information is incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or not updated, may contact the owner of the database, and apply for the information to be amended or deleted. Such application should be addressed to or via facsimile number 924077803 or via post to: 36 Shaham Petach Tikva 4951729 (to the attention of the customer services department).

H. General notes

For your information, there are e-commerce websites that sell Nespresso products but which are not controlled or operated by Nespresso. Nespresso is not responsible or liable for such websites and we recommend that you read the terms of use of said websites, including their privacy policies, prior to making any purchase through such websites.

I. Contact us

For comments, questions, inquiries, and suggestions concerning the Nespresso privacy policy, you can contact the Company via an email message sent to
J. Changes to the privacy policy

From time to time, we may update the provisions of this privacy policy. In the event of any such change, we will present the most updated policy on the Website. We recommend that you periodically review the privacy policy. Your continued use of the Website following the update to the privacy policy constitutes your consent to the content of the updated privacy policy.