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Last update: April, 2019
Nespresso Israel Platform


Confidentiality and Privacy on the Nespresso Israel platform

1. The registration to Nespresso and any negotiation or inquiry regarding the purchase of products may require the user to give personal details, including full name, dwelling address, ID number, mobile telephone number, and e-mail address. The submission of these details constitutes consent of the user to receive from Nespresso announcements, promotional messages and updates by e-mail, by text messages to mobile telephones or by other digital means.

2. Nespresso shall not make commercial use of the details that it will receive from customers of from users of its website, and it will handle these details in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Privacy, 1981. The data that will be gathered will be stored at the database of the company. The law does not oblige you to provide the information, however part of the services offered by the site will not be available without providing the information. According to the Law for the Protection of Privacy each person is entitled to review the information related to him which is stored in a database. A person who reviewed the information related to him and found that it is not accurate, full, clear or updated, is entitled to apply to the owner of the database in a request to amend the information or delete it. Such an application should be sent to the e-mail address or via facsimile number 03-9240778or by mail to the address Shaham 36, Petach-Tickva, 4951729 ( Please write on the letter: “To customer Services” ). In addition, if the information at the database of the company will be used in order to make personal communications to you, the Law for the Protection of Privacy entitles you to demand in writing to delete from the database the information relating to you.

3. Nespresso takes all reasonable measures, as it deems fit, to secure the access to its website. It is clarified, notwithstanding, that the risk associated with the use of the website lies on the users who enter to the site; Nespresso shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any flaw in the flow of communication data, nor shall it bear any responsibility for any leak of information as a result of malicious or negligent act of any third party, or as a result of hacking the website, unless such occurrence was caused as a result of a negligence of Nespresso.

4. It is possible that Nespresso, or other parties with the approval of Nespresso, will incorporate in the website links or hyperlinks to other websites, and also banners that include links to other websites. The use of these links will be solely under the responsibility of the user and at his own risk; Nespresso shall not bear any responsibility for any damage or harm that the user will suffer as a result of the use of such links and of the entry to the websites to which they connect.

5. In order to improve the contents of its website and to adjust it to the needs of those who enter the site, and in order to adjust to the users promotional and messages and contents, Nespresso may use a tracing technology in order to collect information without identifying the users, such as kinds of browsers, operation systems, access time to sites, and similar information. This tracing technology may include files which are sent to browsers and saved on the computer drive of the user ("cookies"), yet without identifying the user.

This website may also use a website recording service which may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms. The information collected does not include bank details or any sensitive personal data. Data collected by this service is used to improve our website usability. The information collected is stored and is used for aggregated and statistical reporting, and is not shared with anybody else.

6. The clearing system of Nespresso website is operated by Credit Guard Ltd. which uses the security standard DSS-PCI.

7. For comments, questions, inquires and suggestions as to the privacy policy of Nespresso you may contact the company by sending e-mail to the address . 


Our privacy policy in more detail:

  1. Why Nespresso collects personal data and how it uses it

Nespresso collects and uses personal data only as necessary for the purposes for which it was obtained. Nespresso may use your personal data for some or all of the following purposes:

  • Orders - to process and ship your orders and to inform you about the status of your orders. Please note that there are many e-commerce websites that sell Nespresso products but that are not controlled or operated by Nespresso. We recommend that you read their policies, including on privacy, before making any purchases on those websites.
  • Account maintenance - to create and maintain your accounts with us, including administering any consumer loyalty or rewards programs that are associated with your account.
  • Consumer service - to provide you with consumer service, including responses to your inquiries, complaints and general feedback about our products. Consumer service may be provided through various forms of communication, including via email, letter, telephone and online chat features.
  • Consumer engagement - to get you more actively engaged with our products and services. This may involve the use or publication of consumer-generated content.
  • Personalisation - Nespresso may combine personal data about you collected from one source (e.g. a website) with data collected from another source (e.g. an offline event). This provides Nespresso with a more complete view of you as a consumer, which, in turn, allows Nespresso to serve you better and with greater personalisation, including in respect of the following:

Websites- to improve and personalise your experience on websites, using data such as account login information, technical computer information, and/or previous website usage information;

Products- to improve Nespresso products, tailor them to your needs and come up with new product ideas. This includes the use of demographic information, consumer profiling information and consumer feedback; and

Interest-based advertising- to serve you advertisements tailored to your interests. One way Nespresso does this is to match activities or information collected on Nespresso Sites with data collected about you on third party sites (i.e. data-matching). This type of advertising is also known as “online behavioural advertising” or “targeted advertising”. Such personalisation is typically performed via cookies or similar technologies.

  • Marketing communications - to provide you with marketing communications where you have opted-in to receiving such communications (including information about Nespresso, its products and services, competitions and promotions). These can be shared via electronic means (e.g. SMS, emails and online advertising) and via post.

If you opt-in to receiving SMS, your mobile service provider’s policy for receiving SMS will apply, which may be at a fee.

  • Social features – to offer you a number of social features, including the following:

-  Website community features on a Nespresso Site

When you visit a Nespresso Site with a community feature and upload or share recipes, pictures, videos, artwork or other content, Nespresso may use and display the personal data that you share on such sites.

-   Website viral features

Nespresso may use your personal data to offer you website viral features, such as a tell-a-friend program, where you can share certain news, product information, promotions or other content with family and friends.

This typically requires the collection and use of personal contact information (e.g. names and emails) so that the selected one-time message/content can be delivered to their recipients.

Third party social networking

Nespresso may use your personal data from when you interact with third party social networking features such as “Facebook Connect” or “Facebook Like”. These features may be integrated on Nespresso Sites including for purposes such as running contests and allowing you to share content with friends.

If you use these features, Nespresso may have the ability to obtain certain personal data about you from your social networking information. You can learn more about how these features work, and the profile data Nespresso may obtain about you, by visiting the website of the relevant third party social network.

Other specific purposes

We may use your personal data for other specific business purposes, including to maintain the day-to-day operation and security of Nespresso Sites, to conduct demographic studies or audits, and to contact you for consumer research.


2. Social network information, which informs consumers that information from social networks can be used by or for Nespresso; and

3.  Personalization, which informs consumers that Nespresso may use their personal data to serve them targeted advertising, as is the case with the Audiences. The clauses shall include the purpose allowing Nespresso to match activities or information collected on Nespresso sites with data collected about the consumer on third party sites (i.e. data-matching). See privacy notice template.