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Decaffeinato Coffee Capsules
Ristretto Decaffeinato
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Intensely roasted and rich in flavour, Ristretto Decaffeinato has the same powerful character and contrasting taste as the original Ristretto. A selection of the best Latin American and East African Arabicas is sophisticatedly blended with a touch of Robusta, roasted separately to create the subtle fruity note of this full bodied, intense Espresso.

Ref. 7702.40

Coffee capsules are sold in sleeves of 10. To order, your shopping bag should contain a minimum of 5 sleeves, totalling 50 capsules.
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Composed of some of the best South American Arabicas from sources such as Colombia and Brazil, Ristretto Decaffeinato also contains the great, lightly acidic East African Arabicas and a touch of Robusta for added zing.
The beans are roasted slowly and separately to obtain an original bouquet bringin together acidic, fruity, and roasted notes. Its finely ground texture creates an Italian-style coffee: intense, with a rich flavour and full body.
Strong roasted notes softened by notes of chocolate. A subtle contrast between strength and bitterness, acidic and fruity notes.

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Your total amount of capsules needs to be
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