Recycle Nespresso coffee capsules with DAO

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Give your capsules a second life!

With DAO you have the opportunity to deliver your used Nespresso capsules in all DAO Parcelshops. The only thing you need is a Nespresso recycling bag and a return code. Follow the steps:

  1. Get a free return code: Push the button below to generate the code
  2. Write the return code clearly in front of the recycling bag
  3. When you have filled the bag with used Nespresso capsules, seal it safely with both glue strips
  4. Hand in your bag in the preferred DAO Parcelshop – find it here. 

Please note, that you always have the option to hand in the recycling bag in any Nespresso Boutique or at selected retailers, if this is more convenient. Find it here.

Write the code in front of your Nespresso recycling bag.

Do you need a recycling bag?

When purchasing capsules online, the equivalent numbers of bags will be suggested and added to your basket. You can make your next order here and add a recycling bag to your order. If you purchase your capsules in one of our Boutiques, you can always receive a free bag in our Nespresso Boutiques.

The recycling bag can be delivered in all DAO Parcelshops, you just need to secure the bag with both gluestrips and write a return code on it, which can be generated here.

You also have the option to deliver your capsules in all Nespresso Boutiques and at selected retailers. Find your nearest recyclingspot here.

The bag can contain 200 Original capsules or 100 Vertuo/b> capsules. Our recycling bag is produced by plastic made of minimum 85% sugarcane, and it is 100% recyclable.


Nespresso is quality coffee for uncompromising coffee lovers. It is the taste of the finest coffee grown in the best terroirs. At the same time, Nespresso is the ambition of greater sustainability. Our goal is a coffee economy, where challenges are turned into sustainable solutions. This is why we want to make it possible to give every single Nespresso capsule a new life. Nespresso coffees are sealed in aluminum capsules; because aluminum is the best material to protect the 900 aromas in the coffee from light, air and other taste enemies. Aluminum can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality. It is our mission to provide you with the perfect cup of coffee every time. Recycling is only one of many sustainability initiatives.

Vidste du at?

Aluminium fremstilles af bauxit, et stof der forekommer naturligt i jordbunden. Når aluminium genanvendes, sparer man cirka 95% af den energi, der kræves til produktion af primær aluminium.