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Creating Shared Value: Meet Juliana Correa, from Riosucio, Caldas.

An agronomist with multiple facets for the good of coffee families

Juliana Correa measures her route within the Nespresso AAA Program through all the roles she has assumed for the good of the coffee growers. More than an agronomist, she has become a professor, psychologist, lawyer, counselor and friend for many of the coffee-growing families of the high west of the department of Caldas, to whom she provides dedicated technical assistance within the framework of the Nespresso AAA Program .

Juliana visiting the farm of a coffee grower. image

Juliana visiting the farm of a coffee grower.

It is not always easy. Each week, she leaves his 11-year-old son in Manizales to settle in Riosucio to be closer to his coffee growers. Each relationship is unique. Whether in Aguadas, Salamina, Aránzazu or Riosucio, Juliana remembers the work she has done and the life stories to which she has participated.

For Juliana, the greatest reward is when she returns to a farm and can see, hear, feel that her recommendations, applied by the coffee farmer, have generated the expected changes.

Juliana reviewing the progress in the coffee plantations. image

Juliana reviewing the progress in the coffee plantations.

Intelligent water management is one of your main concerns. Through training and advice, she has managed to have measures taken on several farms, which changed the way water is used in coffee growing.

Juliana has enjoyed each of the 8 years as an agronomist of the Nespresso AAA Program. This time dedicated to supporting coffee growing has allowed her to see the change not only in coffee farms and families but also in her, as an agronomist and as a woman.