Recycling bag


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Thanks to the « Recycling at home » service, you can leave your bag of used aluminium capsules in your mailbox at any time. The mail courier will collect it on the next delivery day.  


1. Fill the recycling bag with your used Nespresso capsules and close it tightly.

2. Pull the label off the top of the bag and place the bag in the mailbox

3. Make sure that the removable label is clearly visible. The mail courier will collect it the next time he delivers your mail.


Bag collection days: From Monday to Friday when mail is delivered. If your bag is not collected, please contact Nespresso using the toll free number 0800 55 52 53. The recycling bags and home collection service are provided free of charge.


Please note: the label must be clearly visible from the outside of your mailbox. The bag will not be collected if the label is not visible.

Ref.: 88941/3


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