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Are there any hidden fees for signing up for the EasyOrdering service?

There is no cost for creating, modifying and cancelling your EasyOrder. You will however benefit from a free delivery for any recurrent order of minimum 100 lei.

Your recurrent order can be set up online via the Nespresso website under "My Account/EasyOrder - My standing orders" or via the Nespresso Club at 0800 008 300 Customer Relationship Center, service available from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00, except the legal holidays.

What are my obligations for signing up for the EasyOrdering service?

EasyOrdering is there to facilitate the way you order Nespresso products. There are no contractual obligations for continuing to use the EasyOrder service. You can easily create, modify or cancel any recurrent order through the EasyOrdering service by visiting "My Account/EasyOrder - My standing orders".

An exception exists for Nespresso Professional Operating Customers who are bound contractually to a recurrent order.

What are the benefits of signing up for the EasyOrdering service?

EasyOrdering allows you to receive your favorite coffee assortments, sweets and a limited range of accessories at the frequency and address of your choice to prevent you from running out ot your favourite coffee assortments and to save you time and effort on placing an order when you need it.

You can set up, modify or cancel your EasyOrder over the Nespresso website and mobile applications, over the phone, or in any of our Nespresso boutiques.

How will I know when my order will ship?

You will be notified three days prior to the shipment of your following EasyOrder via email. If you wish to modify the delivery address, selected items and quantitites as well as delivery and payment information after receiving our email, you can still change this until 4 P.M., before 2 working days of shipment. (ex: 03:59 P.M. on January 3 for an order shipping on January 5)

How do I modify or cancel my EasyOrder?

All information relevant to your EasyOrder such as next scheduled date, delivery address and payment can be found under "My Account/EasyOrder - My standing orders" upon logging in.

What are the shipping fees for an EasyOrder?

The package delivery price has a cost of 15 LEI, everywhere in Romania's territory.

You will benefit from a free delivery for any recurrent order of minimum 100 lei. Free Delivery is not available for the delivery in the area of the Danube Delta if transport by ferry is needed. Our Customer Care Centre will contact you with more details

Do I benefit from promotional activities by signing up for EasyOrdering?

All Club Members can benefit from Nespresso Club promotions for which they are eligible. Please note however that not all promotional items, available for a limited time, are available for ordering via the EasyOrder service.

I can not order Nespresso machines or all of the Nespresso accessories? How do I order these as part of my service?

The EasyOrdering service features the entire range of Nespresso coffee assortments including Limited Edition coffees as well as frequently used accessories such as sugar, paper cups and similar accessories.

We encourage you to place a separate order for Nespresso machines and accessories that are typically ordered in less predicatable frequency.

What if I do not want my order and it has already shipped. How do I cancel it?

As per Nespresso Terms and Conditions, you are able to refuse the delivery of each package in order to return it to us and receive a credit for the returned items.