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Responsible Recycling

We are the choices we make.

We have decided to make it as easy as possible for you to recycle your capsules and protect the environment.


Why aluminium?

Aluminium is the best suitable material available today to protect the aromas of our high quality Nespresso coffee from:

  • Oxygen
  • Sunlight
  • Humidity

How can capsules be recycled?

Used Nespresso capsules can be disposed of through the Yellow Bag, the Yellow Bin, recycling bins or at communal recycling centers. It is important to note that the coffee grounds do not need to be removed from the capsules; they do not disrupt the recycling process.

Recycled aluminium is used in the car and construction industry. From being re-used in engine blocks and window frames to household goods, spray cans or bikes.




Coffee capsules make up only 0.3 % of all packaging

Yellow Bag
Car and bycicle

Secondary aluminium
is versatile usable

Nespresso Recycling bin

Nespresso Recycling bin

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Through recycling in your company, you can contribute to a better environment.

Symbol for your recycling bin

Symbol for your recycling bin

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Would you like to communicate the subject of capsule recycling more strongly in your company?

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What happens to the used capsules?

Aluminium is easy to recycle. The amount of waste generated by capsules is negligible, but recycled aluminium is an important part of the metal supply.

From old to new

From old to new

In Germany, the take-back capacity for Nespresso capsules has been 100% since 1993 – when Nespresso voluntarily licensed its capsules with Der Grüne Punkt. Used capsules can be disposed of through the Yellow Bag, Yellow Bin, recycling bins or communal recycling centers.


What about the recycling theme worldwide?

Nespresso has installed over 100,000 dedicated capsule collection points in 39 countries.

Recycling rate

The recycling rate of Aluminium packaging keeps on rising

In 2014, the recycling rate for aluminium packaging was already 90,21%

Recycled aluminium

Recycled aluminium is an important part of the metal supply.

Global demand for aluminium scrap has doubled since 2018 53% of aluminium demand was met with recycled aluminium in 2018.

Recycling, the final step in a series of concrete measures for more sustainability

As a supplier of premium coffee, we bear responsibility for the world in which we live. Our responsibility does not end with the enjoyment of coffee or our commitment to recycling.

Nespresso is committed to acting responsibly and making a positive difference wherever possible. For our coffee farmers, but also for society and the environment.