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    Get your preferred machine at MYR 50
    & start your subscription with your
    1st monthly fee
    *Machine comes with 2 year warranty

    machine subscription icon
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    Every Month

    Pay a monthly subscription fee
    that turns into Nespresso credits
    *For you to spend on Coffee & Accessories​

    nespresso products
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    After 12 months

    Get additional 10% free credits every month
    for being a loyal subscriber​
    *Credits are accumulative

    10% free credit


  • A brand new machine sent to you

    A brand new machine sent to you

    Along with all the benefits that comes with a normal purchase, including a complimentary tasting kit

  • 2-Year machine warranty

    2-Year machine warranty

    Your machine comes with a 2-year warranty and free repair services as well

  • Enjoy unlimited free delivery

    Enjoy unlimited free delivery

    Save on delivery fees for every coffee purchase when you subscribe online

  • Choose how you spend your credits

    Choose how you spend your credits

    Your credits are accumulative, and any unspent credits is carried over in your account every month

  • Attend a masterclass

    Attend a masterclass

    Take part in a discovery and sharing workshop to explore the latest coffee selection and recipes

  • Receive personalized offers

    Receive personalized offers

    Stay tuned to our newsletters to find out about exclusive members-only offers

  • Extra credits for you to spend

    Extra credits for you to spend

    Get extra 10% for being a loyal subscriber after your 12-month


There is no catch. Nespresso subscription is simple and straightforward, and your Nespresso machine can be yours for only MYR 50. The monthly fee is yours to spend on any Nespresso products you like for your own coffee experience, day after day.

Yes, you will own the machine from the starting day of the subscription plan.

Yes, your machine will come with 2-year warranty. You may also take advantage of the Nespresso Assistance Package.

Whether you are new to Nespresso or a long-time Nespresso coffee lover, you can sign up with the Nespresso subscription.

You can only subscribe to the Nespresso Subscription Plan once.

Machine Subscription and Coffee Subscription by Nespresso is available exclusively on the website ( If you need assistance and advice, you may contact our Coffee Specialists at 1800 80 7001 (Toll-free).

Currently we only support 1 subscription plan per customer.

The full subscription terms and conditions can be found here.

Your Nespresso credit is added to your account after your monthly fee is paid. Whether you want to spend it every month, or prefer to save up to order more later, the choice is yours. Spend your credit on, at Nespresso boutiques or via our toll-free hotline at 1800 80 7001. Credits can be used on any Nespresso products including coffee, accessories and machine.

We accept Credit Card and Paypal as the only payment method.

When or how you decide to use your credit is up to you. If you don't use it entirely, it gets accumulated in your account. Your credit will be valid for up to 24 months after your subscription ends. Ideal for a short or long break away.

If you cancel your Nespresso subscription before the term, you will be required to pay the Cancellation Fee. However, your credit stays in your account for you to use to buy Nespresso products for 24 months after the date of cancellation. Please refer to terms and conditions for cancellation fees.

If club credit was used as a payment method, we will need to re-process your order with a credit card and refund your club credit. This may take up to 14 working days to fully activate your subscription plan. If you have any remaining club credit in your current Nespresso account, and wish to subscribe to our machine plan, please contact our Customer Care at 1800 80 7001.

After the 12 months term, your Nespresso Subscription Plan will be automatically renewed. By continuing your Machine Subscription Plan with us, Nespresso will credit 10% additional credit on top of your existing plan.
To cancel, you will need to contact the Nespresso Club at 1800 80 7001. There is no cancellation fee if you cancel after the Term.

After cancellation, the Nespresso machine is yours to keep. The Nespresso Club, online, by phone or our Nespresso Boutiques will still be available for you to spend any Nespresso credit you may still have in your account. Nespresso credit expires 24 months after the date of cancellation of your Subscription Plan.

Should you decide that Nespresso subscription is not for you anymore, you can cancel it at any time by calling the Nespresso Club at 1800 80 7001.

If you wish to cancel your plan before the end of the term, you will have to pay the cancellation fee that corresponds to the Plan that you have chosen: MYR 400 for the Essenza Mini Plan, MYR 650 for the Essenza Mini Bundle Plan, MYR 750 for Vertuo Next Premium Brown Plan and MYR 1200 for the Lattissima Touch Plan. Your Nespresso machine is still yours to keep. Your remaining credits will still be available for you to use to buy Nespresso products for 24 months after the date of cancellation. You will not be entitled to a refund in cash for any monthly fee already paid