Nespresso Subscription

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One machine for €1.

Exclusive to Boutiques

  • Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine
  • Nespresso Lattissima One Coffee Machine
  • Nespresso Expert Coffee Machine
  • Nespresso Vertuo Plus with Aeroccino Coffee Machine
  • Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine
  • Nespresso Essenza Mini and Aeroccino Coffee Machine


Step 1

Visit one of our boutiques and select your preferred subscription plan.

Step 2

Pay €1 for your selected machine and your first monthly fee (depending on your chosen plan).

Step 3

Enjoy spending your monthly fee on any Nespresso products including coffee and accessories.


Remember you purchase the machine for €1 and the cost of your monthly payment plan gets placed as credit onto your Nespresso account to spend on anything you would like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription is a way of onboarding and welcoming you to the world of Nespresso, with the offer of a selected machine of your choice for €1. This offer comes with a 12 month contract, with monthly fee payments. Your monthly fees become Nespresso credit that you can use to buy Nespresso coffee or accessories. You can use your credit whenever you want – it is cumulative, so you don’t need to spend it all every month. You can opt to cancel after the 12 payments and may use your credit for 2 years after that date.

In fact, the machine actually costs you €1. Your monthly payments can be used to buy any Nespresso products such as accessories and coffees and you do not pay for your machine, except for the initial €1. Finally, the €240 will be for you to use over the next 3 years (12 months + 2 years validity) for your coffee moments, whilst your machine only costs you €1.

Yes, you will own the machine as soon as the transaction is complete.


When you sign the Subscription contract, you also become a Nespresso member. The credit is applied every month, upon the payment of your monthly fee, directly and automatically to your Nespresso account. You can check your Nespresso credit online on, by calling Nespresso on 1800 812 660 (Freephone) or by visiting your preferred Nespresso Boutique.

Your credit is applied the same day.

Yes, Nespresso credits will be accumulated and you can buy any Nespresso product with your credit. You don’t have to use your credit every month. In addition, you can also use your Nespresso credit partially and it will still carry over. Your Nespresso credit will even be valid/usable for 2 years after you give notice to cancel your Subscription.

Yes, you can as long as it is within the cooling-off period that lasts for 14 days after the receipt of your machine. To cancel, please call Nespresso on 1800 812 660 (Freephone), email, or visit your preferred Nespresso Boutique. You will need to return the coffee machine to us in a good state (any other products bought with Credit – capsules sleeves should be unopened); you will then be entitled to a full refund of €1 (for the machine) + first monthly fee. If you wish to keep some items you bought with your credit, you can (we will deduct the value from the refund of your monthly fee).

The duration of your contract is 12 months. However, if you wish to cancel before the end of the contract , and after the cooling-off period of 14 days described above, you can, by calling Nespresso on 1800 812 660 (Freephone) or by visiting a Nespresso Boutique.

You will only have to pay the cancellation fee that corresponds to the plan that you have chosen: €80 for the Essenza Mini plan, €140 for the Essenza Mini and Aeroccino plan, €230 for the Lattissima One plan, €200 for VertuoPlus plan, €260 for VertuoPlus & Aeroccino plan and €230 for Expert plan.

- Your machine is still yours to keep

- Your remaining Credits will still be available for you to use to buy Nespresso products for 2 years after the date of cancellation (however, you will not be entitled to a refund in cash for any monthly fee already paid)

Please note after the 12th payment your Subscription plan will roll on, with monthly fees being charged on the same date. You may cancel free of charge at any time by notifying us by emailing Your remaining credits will be available to use for 2 years after the date of expiration.

By choosing Nespresso Subscription, you get a machine at a very low price and accept specific terms and conditions. Nespresso needs to make sure that nobody else other than you is making a commitment under your name or providing stolen/wrong payment information. This is common practice for subscription contracts, such as your phone company for mobile phones or internet.

You will benefit from free standard delivery up to the final Subscription payment. Please, note that there will still be a minimal order quantity of 50 capsules, as this is the minimum size of the packages that we use for shipping (to guarantee that the items arrive to you in good condition). Once you cancel your Subscription you will need to order at least 200 capsules to benefit from free standard delivery.