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Terms & Conditions



Nespresso Club members are entitled to purchase any Nespresso machine of their choice at the discounted price of 59 €, with the pre-requisite that they will purchase a specific amount of Nespresso capsules per machine model.

The number of minimum capsules that have to be purchased per machine model are the below:

  • Inissia with 120 capsules,
  • Essenza Mini with 120 capsules
  • Essenza Mini Silver LE with 150 capsules
  • Essenza Plus connected with 400 capsules
  • Essenza Plus non-connected with 400 capsules,
  • Pixie with 300 capsules
  • Citiz with 300 capsules
  • Citiz&Milk with 500 capsules
  • Atelier with 800 capsules
  • Lattissima One with 600 capsules
  • Gran Lattissima with 800 capsules
  • Lattissima Pro with 1200 capsules
  • Creatista Plus with 1200 capsules
  • Creatista Pro with 2000 capsules



The machine and capsules must be purchased within a time period starting on 4/2/2021 and ending on 23/2/2021, or until stocks are exhausted, from NESPRESSO HELLAS SINGLE MEMBER SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME COFFEE SYSTEMS AND PRODUCTS,  d.t Nespresso HELLAS S.A,  and more in particular only through the Nespresso Boutiques, the call center, the Nespresso Online shop and the Nespresso mobile application.



-Promo is valid only for Nespresso Club members.

-The offer has to be claimed instantly as a whole.

-The permission to sell the machines or not through the Boutiques network, is always up to the current health protection measures (COVID-19).

-Expert/Expert & Milk machines are excluded from the offer, as they are delisted.

-In orders that contain more than one machines and are entitled to this promo, discount is being applied only on the most expensive machine

- In orders that contain more than one machines and one of them is entitled to this promo (Valentine’s promo), while the others are entitled to Nespresso & You machine promo, discount is being applied only on the machine that is under Valentine’s promo.

-Nestle Hellas S.A and Nespresso Hellas S.A employees are excluded from the offer.

-Each person entitled to this offer may use it for the purchase of up to 3 machines during the validity period of this offer.