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One breakfast,
three Barista Creations,
countless rituals

Three stories about caffè latte lovers who dared to go one step further. Three different ways to turn your morning routine into a unique ritual.

The aroma of freshly made coffee makes us think of breakfast. Some are attracted by the intense, almost palpable aromas. For others, it’s the harmony between those sweet and bitter notes that they savour even before the first sip. Many use coffee to get the sleep from their eyes, to wake up 100% energised. For some, it’s just an excuse to start the day talking to their nearest and dearest.

There are people who prefer cold coffee, like they’re living in a summer that never seems to end. Then there are the risk-takers who finish a still steaming cup of coffee in two gulps flat. Or those who add every topping going, from cinnamon to vanilla or even a glug of something alcoholic.

And what about all those people who like their Nespresso coffee as a caffè latte?

They take it Lungo, they take it Espresso, they take it Cappuccino. Lovers of this blend also have a choice. This combination, as timeless as it is special, has a deeply-rooted tradition in Spain. The first records of this mysterious brew date back to 1865. Tradition or not, it is clear that the Spanish make an excellent caffè latte.

And the fact is that the milk adds a touch of magic to the coffee. It changes the texture, the appearance and even enables you to create works of art with the foam, adding a visual touch to the composition. So, what if we told you that there is a coffee that does not lose its flavour when you add milk, that is instead enhanced in a symphony of unique flavours? What if we were able to excite your taste buds without losing the quality of our capsules?

Nespresso has
achieved the
ultimate expression
of coffee
and milk in its
Barista Creations

Milk Cafe

Let’s see how three caffè latte lovers changed course by enhancing their breakfast rituals with our Barista Creations capsules. One is a traveller, another is a trend-seeker and the third is a philosopher. But all three share something in common: their journey has only just begun.


ALEXANDRA, AGED 35 Breakfast between social media algorithms and coffee cups

“My family, my friends and my partner accuse me of being hooked to my smartphone, just because I’m already uploading stories before breakfast time. But I can’t help it; I’m as much a lover of Instagram filters as I am of coffee. That’s how I found out about Barista Creations coffees. I was searching the Internet for new ways to make Latte Art for my posts, but at the same time I wanted to find a coffee that blended perfectly with milk foam. Thanks to Nespresso I found a way to unite my two passions: a photograph worthy of any influencer and a cup of creamy Cappuccino”.


If you want to be as passionate as Alex, you might like our Barista Creations Chiaro coffee.

Its smoothness, texture and caramel notes sweeten your morning so you can start your day on the right foot. For sharing on social networks, and without losing its aroma and flavour, it is essential that foamed milk (60 ml) is the other star of this recipe.

Discover Chiaro

MIKI, AGED 28 Curious about the reasons why things work and about Nespresso capsules

“I consider myself to be someone who never sits still. I buy, try, change things; there is not a week that goes by without me having found the latest trend online. My friends say that I’m going to go hoarse from talking so much and suggesting plans for the weekend. It’s the result of drinking coffee as soon as I get up. But why do we drink caffè latte in Spain? And why does my mother like it with a touch of cinnamon, while my sister likes it just as it is? Do all Spaniards have the same type of coffee for breakfast? Deciding on a capsule sparked an adventure at the Nespresso Boutique, and that is...”


We’ll tell you more about Miki’s ritual and the new Barista Creations capsules

Discover its history

ALBERTO, AGED 51 Enjoying the pleasure of some quiet time and a caffè latte

“I used to drink coffee on my way to work. I didn’t enjoy it; it was an unconscious act every morning at 8:30. So, one day I sat myself down. I needed the morning for myself, so I swapped the traffic jams and the rushing around for the news on my tablet and the sound of the radio in the background. One of the Barista Creations capsules, the most intense one, helped me to detach myself from my surroundings and enjoy my coffee, my calcium-enriched milk and my favourite mug. Well, at least when my family doesn’t start running around the house demanding my attention. Waking up half an hour earlier in order to take time for breakfast is the best decision I’ve made in a long time”.


If you want to detach yourself like Alberto, maybe you’d like our Barista Creations Corto coffee.

Because this coffee is for your breakfast moments. You can have it with a dash of hot milk (10-20 ml) if your morning starts in a hurry, or you can add foam and take your time to enjoy a Cappuccino. Its intensity, roasting and bitterness give you the energy you need for the whole day.

Discover Corto

Three is the number that represents balance and growth. Three experiences were chosen from the thousands of adventures that start at breakfast time. Our three capsules honour the trinity of intensity, texture and roasting.

Do you want to start the day on the right foot and with good Nespresso capsules?