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Alto (414 ml)
Alto Intenso
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  • Alto (414 ml) 414 ml

Why we love it:

We blend two Latin American gems to give Alto Intenso its steadfast, strong presence. A rare Washed Robusta from Guatemala is the pillar of strength in this Nespresso intenso. Its thick crema and lingering bitterness meet the sweet malty notes of Costa Rican Arabica.

Our Guatemalan Washed Robusta is a rare find. Traditionally, farmers only process their Arabica coffees this meticulously. This Washed Robusta is high-grown and processed with the same care that farmers give to their Washed Arabica - it gives its bold character a clean, elegant taste. We chose Costa Rican Washed Arabica for its characteristic malty notes that add a sweet, refined touch to this intense long black Vertuo coffee pod.
We split roast the Arabica and Robusta in this Vertuo coffee capsule - it allows us to highlight different characteristics in both coffees. The first split is a long and dark roast of the Guatemalan Robusta. The second split is a dark but slightly shorter roast of the Costa Rican Arabica. It delivers the intensity, full body and coffee crema that makes Alto Intenso a pillar of strength.
The Washed Guatemalan Robusta’s dry wood and dark caramel notes are the pillar of strength in this Vertuo coffee. Sweet malty notes refine the boldness and strike a compelling harmony - these more delicate Costa Rican Arabica aromatics sing through the lingering bitterness and thick crema of the rare and refined Robusta.
10 coffee capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso Vertuo system.

Allergens non present.

NET WEIGHT (for 10 capsules)
12,5 g - 4.40 oz

Made in Switzerland