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The classic espresso experience

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Your authentic espresso experience

Our coffees come in three cup sizes that contain fine coffee, sustainably sourced from coffee-growing lands around the world. Choose from the wide range of blends, each with its own individual character and intensity to make smaller cups of ristretto and espresso to larger lungos.

Your authentic espresso experience
Ristretto 25 ml
Espresso 40 ml
Lungo 110 ml

A timeless classic

Whether you prefer it long or short, strong or decaffeinated, our high-pressure extraction system ensures you get quality coffee, cup after cup.
Enjoy it the way you like it.

Coffee menu

Large selection of espressos and lungos

Cup sizes

Three cup sizes
(from 25 ml to 110 ml)

The Original Experience

You can prepare a wide range of espresso coffees at home at the touch of a button thanks to an intuitively designed machine. To further enhance your coffee experience, we offer a whole range of accessories and delicacies.



Behind the elegant design, each machine reveals exceptional technological innovations that will allow you to create coffee the way you like it.



Enjoy your authentic espresso experience, from a milder fruity espresso to the Neapolitan style short ristretto, with or without milk.



We have designed this one-of-a-kind assortment of cups, accessories and treats for you to enjoy your coffee moment to the fullest.


A range of coffee recipes

All Nespresso coffees blend beautifully with milk. Even coffees of a more delicate and nuanced character develop surprising new dimensions when combined with milk, froth or cream. This creates an almost infinite palette of taste variations.

Depending on which coffee you use, a cappucino or latte macchiato can have many different, delicious flavours.

Did you know that?

Choosing Nespresso also means choosing...

Responsible coffee

Nespresso coffees are grown responsibly and sustainably in partnership with recognised NGOs such as the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade. Nespresso is the largest Fairtrade- certified coffee roaster in Switzerland.

A recyclable capsule

Pioneer in recycling since 1991, Nespresso offers more than 3,700 collection points in Switzerland for your used capsules. Not only the aluminium is recycled but also the coffee grounds.

A Swiss brand

Since the company was created in 1986, Nespresso's history has been closely linked to Switzerland. From roasting to packaging, all of the Nespresso coffee capsules sold worldwide are produced in Switzerland.

Two unique coffee

The coffee without limit


The coffee without limit
The largest selection of coffee styles
Six cup sizes (from 40 ml to 535 ml)
Centrifusion™ Technology with 4'000 rotations per minute
Extraction parameters adapted to each coffee at the touch of a button
VERTUO, Coffee without limit
The classic espresso experience


The classic espresso experience
A large selection of espressos and lungos
Three cup sizes (from 25 ml to 110 ml)
High-pressure extraction (up to 19-bar)
Original, The classic espresso experience

Frequently asked questions

  • All Nespresso capsules are made from aluminium and can be recycled. Bring your used capsules to one of our collection points, drop them off at your neast Nespresso store or waste collection center, or fill your recycling bag with used capsules and give it to the mailman when they next deliver your order. By adding capsule recycling to your coffee ritual, your coffee won't only taste good, it'll feel good, too.

  • Each capsule contains high quality, specially-selected ground coffee from coffee-growing lands worldwide. We start by choosing and picking the highest quality beans. That's all thanks to our partners. We're working with 70,000 farmers who are committed as we are to cultivating these rare beans. Take your pick from the wide variety of capsules, each with its own distinctive character and aroma.

  • Nothing is more important than ensuring you enjoy the same high-quality coffee, every time. From bean to cup, the quality and sustainability of your coffee is at the heart of who we are. Our commitment to you is to make sure you can enjoy the highest possible quality coffee, without taking any shortcuts. We've been working on our AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program with the Rainforest Alliance since 2003 to make sure we get your cup of coffee perfectly right.

  • Each Nespresso capsule flavour is different. Strong or smooth, crisp or creamy, the world is your oyster.

  • Various scientific studies indicate that an intake of 300 to 400mg of caffeine from all sources per day for the normally healthy adult population does not cause any adverse effects on health.

    Expressed in cups, it means 300–400 mg of caffeine typically represents 4–5 cups of Nespresso Original coffees, or 2 to 5 cups of Vertuo coffee which may vary according to blend.

    Official recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding women, however, are that:

    – they limit their caffeine intake to 200–300 mg per day,

    – the equivalent of 3 to 4 cups of Nespresso Original coffees per day, or 1 to 4 cups of Vertuo coffee.

  • Yes of course, but it depends on what you're looking for. Eg: ISPIRAZIONE Palermo Kazaar is a coffee that will preserve its roasted character, in contrast with lighter coffees like Volluto for example that evolve more when prepared with milk. Intense coffees have the unique ability to retain their roasty, smokey and pleasing bitterness, even with the addition of milk. Lighter coffees, on the other hand, will develop caramel/biscuit notes when prepared with milk. For sweet experiences, you can realise creative recipes you will find on ultimate coffee creations.

  • A coffee cherry is the fruit on the coffee tree, whereas the coffee bean is inside the coffee cherry that will be roasted and ground to end up in your cup.

  • Coffee is a very versatile drink that can be consumed and prepared in many ways. Nespresso offers you a machine and coffee to give you a perfect cup of coffee, time after time. Depending on the blend you choose, you can have a very strong Italian style espresso, a larger smooth coffee, or a chocolate-flavoured coffee.

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