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Boutique Concept

All of the services of the Nespresso Club brought together in one place.We invite you to experience the unique world of Nespresso in our modern and stylish Boutiques.

• The French architect Francis Krempp designed our Boutique model, combining art deco influences with contemporary shapes and materials.
• An eclectic mix of materials: the warmth of wood, the luxury of leather, the high-tech feel of metal and the purity of glass.
• Two complementary geometric shapes: the square symbolises the brand's values: perfection, pleasure, aestheticism and simplicity. The circle evokes the coffee cup, discovery, tasting and the senses.

A retail experience to satisfy your every desire.

• Discover all of the Nespresso products: the Grand Cru coffees, the limited edition varieties, the machines and accessories for maintaining your machine and enhancing your coffee experience.

A Tasting Area Welcomes you.

• A place where you can truly relax and experience the pleasure of our Grand Cru  coffees.
Coffee Specialists are always on hand to reveal the mysteries of our exceptional coffee.

• Our specialists are pleased to offer personalised advice, provide guidance or share their Nespresso expertise with you.

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