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Gran Lungo (5 oz)
Decaffeinato Ontuoso
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  • Gran Lungo 5.07 oz.
Malty & Unctuous

Decaffeinato Ontuoso is a light bodied coffee characterized by its refined simplicity. The malty cereal notes are unfolded thanks to the marriage of Arabicas from Brazil and Colombia.

The addition of milk brings out a caramelized note reminiscent of honey.

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Unwashed Brazilian Cerrado and washed Colombian Arabicas are combined to unfold this round decaffeinated coffee with malted cereal notes typical of its two origins.
Split-roasted, Decaffeinato Ontuoso’s cereal notes are brought forth by the medium and long roasting of Brazilian Arabicas. The other split is light and medium roasted to add roundness and aromatics to the blend.
The low temperature and high flow help uncover this light bodied decaffeinated coffee with strong cereal notes.