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Coffee (7.8 oz)
  • 4
  • Mug 7.77 fl.oz
Delicate & Fruity

A fragrant blend of fine Arabica coffee beans from South America, lightly roasted to release abundant flavors, in a Coffee full of light fruity notes.

With milk, the fruitiness fades to reveal a much creamier brew, with cereal and caramel notes.

Discover Vertuo Coffee

South American Arabica coffee beans create a refreshing fragrant brew, with rich layers of tastes supported by a light body.
The Colombian and Brazilian Bourbon beans are separately and lightly roasted to highlight each origin’s specificity. The fine Brazilian Bourbon brings roundness and natural smoothness, while Colombian Arabica adds fruitiness and light acidity to the blend.
Elvazio has a very special extraction profile, starting at low temperature and slow flow followed by a higher temperature and fast flow. This combination ensures the expression of the light, fruity notes of this very delicate Arabica blend.