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Gran Lungo (5 oz)
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  • Gran Lungo 5.07 oz.
Floral & Delicate

Typical of East African Arabicas the flowery and blueberry notes make Aflorazio a delicate coffee with an unexpected touch of musk.

With milk the blueberry and flowery notes are exalted and bring even more gourmandise.

Discover Vertuo Coffee

It’s hard not to love the delicate floral aromas in Washed East African coffees - fragrant jasmine and bergamot notes in full bloom. We blended these Arabica coffees with dry processed Ethiopian Arabica to add a wilder floral touch.
Split roasting the Arabica coffees in this Vertuo coffee capsule keeps all those floral aromas in play. The Ethiopian coffee gets a light, medium length roast to bring out those wild notes. Light and long roasting the other East African coffees keeps the delicate aromas intact.
The slow flow helps to enhance the very aromatic profile of the coffee.