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Original 60 Capsule Costa Rica Intense Pack
Costa Rican sourced Arabicas to support our tree planting initiative in La Giorgia, Costa Rica

Your purchase of this pack helps support Nespresso USA's drive to continue planting trees in Costa Rica. This year alone, Nespresso has committed to plant 40,000 trees in the La Giorgia region, positively impacting nearly 300 small, independent coffee farms. As the trees grow, ecosystems will strengthen, leading to more sustainable coffee harvests. As the harvests grow, so will the communities which grow the delicious coffee.

This pack includes a pre-selected assortment of coffees which are all sourced from Costa Rica, from regions that produce Arabicas with more malty notes that develop cocoa flavors upon roasting.

This 60 capsule pack includes:
- 3 sleeves of Arpeggio
- 1 sleeve of Arpeggio Decaffeinato
- 2 sleeves of Dharkan