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Aeroccino4 & 4 Original Sleeve Assortment - Save $29
Aerrocino4 Milk Frother and 4 sleeve assortment of Original coffees.
Save $29 on the regular price of this assortment.
This set includes a pre-selected assortment of 40 capsules of Original coffees:
- 1 sleeve of Chiaro coffee, crafted for milk
- 1 sleeve of Scuro coffee, crafted for milk
- 1 sleeve of Corto coffee, crafted for milk
- 1 sleeve of Vanilio coffee
Release your inner Barista with this assortment. Discover the possibilities of coffee enjoyed with milk with our new range of 3 coffees crafted for milk and our classic vanilla-flavored Vanilio. Enjoy as a smooth cappuccino, creamy latte or intense cortado with a splash of milk.
Products as sold do not contain any milk ingredients.
Milk Guidelines & Expectations:

  • Milk should be as fresh and cold as possible (milk close to expiring will not froth well)
  • Protein content should be high as protein allows milk to froth. Shake the carton before attempting to froth to evenly distribute the proteins
  • Fat content creates differences in the foam quality
  • - low fat creates dry, stiff foam
  • - high fat creates wet, silky foam
  • - both are fine, it just depends on preference
  • UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) boxed milks tend to yield very good results; however, it is suggested to immediately put the milk in the fridge, so it can get cold
  • Milk that has been frozen will not froth
  • Conventional and organic milk should work equally well, as long as the milk is fresh and cold
  • Cow's milk works best. Alternative milks can be attempted, but there is no guarantee that they will yield results