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Nespresso Electric Milk Frothers


Nespresso Milk Frothers are an invitation to
discover a whole world of coffee recipes.


Aeroccino 3

The Aeroccino3 White is an ultra-simple and fast automatic system for preparation of a light and creamy hot or cold milk froth. Pour in the milk, press the button. In a few seconds, without noise or vibration, the Aeroccino3 prepares a divine milk froth ideal for innumerable coffee recipes, according to the season. It also heats milk for your Caffè Latte. Maximum capacity if preparing milk froth: 120 ml (4 oz), maximum capacity if preparing hot milk: 240 ml (8 oz) (diameter: 9 cm, height: 17 cm).



The Aeroccino4 is an even more versatile and convenient than its predecessors, Nespresso milk frother. With 2 types of hot foam, hot milk and cold foam, the Aeroccino4 offers you a wide choice to prepare even more coffee&milk recipes at home in a simple way. With one single whisk you can now do all your preparations; just pour in the milk and select the desired button to obtain, in no time, a divine milk froth for your favourite recipes.

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Barista Recipe Maker

Prepare anything from refreshing iced coffees to elaborate latte art at home, and rival your favourite coffee shop. In taste and in style. Here, modernity meets creativity in a design that is as sleek as it is practical. It will fit in any kitchen and will win any heart. And because coffee creations don’t need to be complex, there’s an integrated touch screen and connected app.

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“Safety Precautions” and “User Instructions / User Manuals” are part of the appliance. Please read them carefully before using your new appliance for the first time. Correct use, daily cleaning, care and maintenance are instrumental in ensuring food safety.


What is the best type of milk for frothing?

The best type of milk to use for your milky coffee recipes depends on the recipe you want to make as well as your tastes. Unlike common thoughts, the fat contained in the milk doesn't contribute to the formation of the foam as such but will change the consistency and the taste of your recipe. Instead, what will make the milk froth better is the amount of protein contained in the milk. For Nespresso milk frother, we recommend using fresh semi-skimmed cow’s milk straight from the fridge.

Whole milk vs semi-skimmed milk, which froth better?

Whole milk and skim milk will both deliver delicious foam. The real difference between the two will be their smoothness and their taste. As whole milk is fatter, the foam you will obtain with this type of milk will be richer and creamier. With semi-skimmed milk, you will obtain a firmer foam with a neutral taste. The perfect cappuccino is made with a thick and rich foam so whole milk is the best type of milk for this recipe. While a flat white is the opposite. The perfect flat white is made with velvety micro-foamed milk and no froth so semi-skimmed milk will deliver the best foam for this recipe.

Does the Nespresso milk frother heat milk?

In addition to making foam milk, you can use the Nespresso milk frother to heat your milk. Warm milk is perfect for indulgent coffee drinks like lattes. Milk foam is what you need for many coffee recipes including the classic cappuccino.



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Nespresso has designed several electric milk frothers to suit every taste. Choose from a wide range of Aeroccinos - an ultra-simple and fast automatic system for preparing divinely creamy hot or cold milk foam, or our high-tech Barista frothing device , with its touch screen and connected app.

We have everything to help you create your Nespresso moment as well as rival your favourite coffee shop recipes and impress anybody who loves coffee as much as you do."

Take your coffee to the next level with Nespresso milk frothers

If you love coffee with milk, a milk frother is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Whether it is to quickly heat milk for your morning latte or to create a rich milk foam for your cappuccino, just fill the milk frother jug with milk, press the button and let it work its magic. The Aeroccino and Barista frothers both enable you to create endless coffee recipes hot or cold . Which milky recipe you want to create is now just up to you!