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  • Intense coffee assortment

    Discover other NESPRESSO Ristrettos. These multi-blends feature a variety of intense characteristics, best enjoyed in a short cup, 25ml (Ristretto) or 40ml (Espresso) cup.

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  • Enjoy sugar with your coffee

    The sugar sticks contain just the right amount of raw sugar for one cup. Pack of 60 sticks of sugar.

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  • Espresso cups and saucers (80ml)

    Enjoy your espresso in Nespresso tempered glass cups (80 ml) and black and charcoal grey melamine saucers. Set of 2.

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  • Colorful cups in stainless steel

    Set of 2 cups (170 ml) in stainless steel matching our Grand Cru colors, with 2 stirrers (12.5 cm) in stainless steel.

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  • Recipe glasses for Latte & Macchiato

    Perfect for serving Caffè Latte or Latte Macchiato and other hot or cold milk-based recipes. Set of 4 glasses (350 ml) and 4 spoons of stainless steel (19.7 cm).

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  • Discover the new Cosi

    Treat yourself to a mild coffee experience with the new Cosi Espresso (intensity 4). The taste is even rounder and more balanced.

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  • Glass Cappuccino cups, 170ml

    See how the espresso and milk is mixed in these cappuccino cups in glass. Two cups (170ml) and saucers. Part of the Glass Collection with several other cups and accessories. 

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