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To celebrate the introduction of our new Nespresso Professional UK subscription service, we’re helping to deliver 180 hives in the Caldas coffee farming region of Colombia.

The introduction of these hives would help raise 8-10million bees to pollinate the area, creating approximately 3.6 tonnes of honey and supporting 25 farmers. And this is only the beginning.

This is part of a wider initiative that aims to introduce 1,500 new beehives into coffee farming communities in the area, upskilling 190 farmers with beekeeping capabilities and harvesting approximately 250 jars of honey. 


An essential part of a healthy ecosystem, increasing bee numbers in coffee areas doesn’t just address population decline but helps to increase and diversify coffee farmers revenue through honey sales.

Bees play an important role in biodiversity through plant pollination, securing the survival and diversity of crops and insects. To ensure a healthy ecosystem for all, a regenerative agriculture approach is adopted.

This is where farmers are upskilled and educated on how they can live harmoniously with the environment around them.

This involves training to understand the benefits bees bring; the implementation of new technology to easily monitor the hives; methods to assess chemical exposure and pollen diversity; and building local teams with the right skills to ensure the beehives thrive for years to come.