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nespresso coffee for your office


The very best for your workplace

During the day, coffee breaks are key to enriching employee relationships, and Nespresso coffee and machines for offices help transform a quick chat into a quality conversation. During a meeting, the coffee break provides a welcome pause and an opportunity to discuss and share ideas in a relaxed manner.
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Exceptional coffee enriches workplace culture

  • 65 %

    of employees take at least one coffee break a day*

  • 84 %

    of staff find that coffee breaks can help to relieve stress*.

  • 21 %

    increase in profitability created by happy employees*.

*Source: Nespresso Research 2017

Nespresso Professional Office - Employee satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and loyalty: A positive image to convey your company values

A great cup of coffee can speak volumes. It can open a conversation, close a deal and make employees and customers feel special.

Our research* has revealed that 8 out of 10 customers believe that a company that serves Nespresso cares about quality, customers and attention to detail.

*Source: Strategic Research 2014

13 Nespresso Coffees to suit every taste, any time of the day

Nespresso Professional - Machine Gemini for your office


Reliable and efficient solutions

Combining streamlined design and state-of-the-art technology, all professional-grade machines for cafes and restaurants are equipped with an exclusive extraction system. Ristrettos, Espressos, Lungos or any one of our delicious milk-based coffee recipes can be prepared simply and quickly.

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A dedicated range of professional coffee machines
designed to meet your needs

  • Nespresso Professional - Zenius


    • Easy to use, efficient, fast and high output.
    More information
  • Nespresso Professional - Machine Gemini


    • Forward-thinking design, flexible to use, and double head for 2 simultaneous coffee preparations.
    • Milk-based recipes available.
    More information
  • Nespresso Professional - Machine Aguila


    • Signature in-cup quality for high volume with 2 or 4 extraction heads and milk-based recipes at the touch of a button.
    More information

13 coffees to suit every taste, any time of the day


What else can we do for you?

When running a company, your time is valuable. You need reliable technical support and dedicated services which leave you free to concentrate on developing your business. Whether it's delivery within 48 hours or the loan of extra machines, Nespresso takes care of the details for you.

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    payment solution
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  • Fast & efficient
nespresso coffee pods for your office
Nespresso Professional - Aeroccino 3 for your office


Take Away Solutions

The Take Away range allow your consumers to enjoy their favourite Nespresso coffee in a uniquely branded cup that offers an enhanced "to go" experience. Our Take Away coffee, delights the senses with premium levels of 'touch and taste' refinement.

Discover our accessories

Delight your colleagues with our dedicated accessories range

  • nespresso professional coffee cups

    coffee tasting

    • Simple and elegant range of cups designed specifically for the Professional Collection.
    More information
  • nespresso coffee capsule dispensers

    capsule dispensers

    • From capsule dispensers for a cafe to presentation boxes for a hotel room.
    More information
  • aeroccino 3 milk frother

    milk solutions

    • Enjoy milk-based coffees with accessories that heat and froth milk quickly and easily.
    More information
  • nespresso coffee and bites

    coffee & bites

    • Indulge in fine biscuits and sugars specifically produced to enhance the aromas of each coffee.
    More information
Nespresso Professional Sustainability


The Positive Cup: Our approach to sustainability

At Nespresso, we believe that each cup of coffee can not only deliver a moment of pleasure, but also restore, replenish and revive environmental resources and communities. As a company, sustainability is our way of doing business and is at the heart of everything we do.
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