Commercial coffee machines

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Commercial coffee machines

The best coffee machines for cafés and businesses


The world of commercial coffee machines can be a confusing one. With so many options on the market, how do you know which machine is right for your business? The needs of each different type of business will vary. A busy café will require a completely different type of coffee machine to a restaurant, hotel, office, venue or airline. This guide outlines the features and functions that you should consider before buying, and highlights some of the best Nespresso Professional machines available.

Aguila 420 commercial coffee machine

What to consider


When considering the size of your coffee machine it’s important to take in to account the following:

  1. 1. How much coffee the machine will make on a daily basis, and
  2. 2. How much space you have for the machine.

Most professional coffee machines come in two, three or four group heads. Naturally, the more group heads a machine has, the more coffee it can make at once and the more staff can use at any given time. This is an important factor for businesses such as large offices or busy cafés that often need to make a lot of coffees, sometimes all at once. Additional group heads also mean a much bigger machine and therefore they require more space.

It’s worth noting that a larger machine isn’t necessary for all businesses that serve coffee. If coffee isn’t the core part of your business and you are unlikely to be making drinks in large quantities, a smaller machine would probably suffice. Work out how many cups you are likely to make a day and select a machine that can handle the volume.

Boiler type (single boiler vs twin boiler)

Essentially, an espresso machine has just two jobs: produce espresso and heat milk. A single boiler can only do one of these things at a time. For the busy barista, this is not practical as it almost doubles the length of time required to make a single coffee.

In contrast, a twin boiler allows for dual function. This means a user can use the espresso and milk heating functions simultaneously. Ultimately, this makes a twin boiler a more appealing option for the busy coffee maker.

Nespresso Professional offers espresso machines that can cater for all needs. At the highest end is the Aguila 420 with two single boiler extraction heads and two twin boiler extraction heads for a total of six boilers. It is capable of handling very high volume demands with the same in-cup quality.

Automatic vs manual coffee machines

A manual machine allows you to control how much water is used in each and every espresso shot. While this may seem appealing, it can lead to inconsistencies with your pours which can be problematic in a busy café environment.

An automatic espresso machine takes care of the entire espresso pouring process with just the touch of a button. This allows the barista to get on with other parts of the process such as heating the milk, which ultimately increases productivity and the number of coffees made/sold.

What sort of support is available if the machine breaks down?

A broken machine can be a disaster for a busy café, restaurant or organisation. It’s important to understand the support and servicing available for your machine if such a need arises. Nespresso Professional’s range of commercial coffee machines are all supported by our wide range of services designed for your business.


Aside from the functionality of your coffee machine, its appearance can also act as a feature or design statement for your business. Some cafés or restaurants even favour a larger machine to reaffirm a strong coffee message to customers. Consider the design and function of your business space when selecting your machine.

Our recommendations

Aguila 220

Aguila 220 commercial coffee machine

Barista-style milk quality at the touch of a button

High performance in a compact machine with an unmatched choice of one-touch recipes.


Gemini 220 coffee machine in the office

Share exceptional milk-based coffee recipes for customers and employees.

Recommended for 20 or more users


Zenius commercial coffee machine in the office

Style, quality and professional performance

Recommended for 5 - 20 users

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