5 Workplace Personalities Matched To Their Nespresso Professional Coffee

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5 Workplace Personalities Matched To Their Nespresso Professional Coffee

By Natasha Hawker, HR Expert, Employee Matters and Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, Mitch Monaghan

Drinking coffee in the office

How can you best match a Nespresso Professional coffee order to the most diverse, yet common, workplace personalities?

It used to be that if you walked into any workplace across just about any industry, around the water cooler you would find the same recycled assortment of personalities. Whether it’s that colleague who could talk the ear off an elephant, or the living and very noticeably breathing personification of stress, chances are we’re all navigating our way through the working day alongside varying takes on the same types of workmates. Now, with coffee machines taking their place as the water cooler of today's workplace, what better way to spill the beans on the different personalities we all deal with on the job (along with advice on how best to do so) than by reimagining them as their ideal coffee?

We've paired five of the most common workplace personalities to a coffee, as recommended by Mitch, and included a tip from Natasha for working alongside them.

The Office Chatterer

It's first thing Monday morning. The office is quietly working itself into the day when, ding, the lift doors open like a mouth, and out steps chatter – or more specifically, a chatterbox. The Office Chatterer is more often than not a ray of sunshine in our working lives and, even though sunshine can sometimes distract us from the goal at hand, that's something to celebrate.

Natasha: A reduced level of productivity can often be the outcome of someone who loves a chat. That said, you can leverage their personality trait by ensuring that they are sharing, broadly and accurately, the key messages that you want circulated across the business.

Mitch: A large coffee for a large personality, I'd recommend a large cappuccino with two sugars to set this person up for the rest of their day. Who knows? It may give them the boost in confidence they need to trust their instincts and keep some of their chatter internalised.

The Micromanager

Most of us go about our working days with nothing but the best intentions. Unfortunately for some, those intentions can lead to micromanaging. Micromanagers have a knack for delegating but never quite letting go and can often lack finesse when providing feedback, which can result in a working relationship that feels more combative than collaborative.

Natasha: Micromanagers can be excellent managers of new employees or graduates, where the levels of supervision required are higher. Micromanagers fear a lack of control, so look to keep them overly informed about your progress and they are likely to reduce their attention levels.

Mitch: Something intense and full-bodied is perfect for a micromanager who calculates every minute. What's faster to drink than an espresso? A quick sip in the morning, and they'll be motivated all day.

The Caring Collaborator

Whether it's a looming deadline or an important client meeting in the diary, we all face different kinds of stress throughout the working week. At times when the stress levels start to get overwhelming, this workplace personality is the first to step in and take something off your plate. Constantly caring and supportive, you always want this person in your brainstorm or getting a coffee with you in the afternoon. A creative mind, and a work ethos built on teamwork, this person is worth their weight in gold to any company and will take you from Jess the eternally stressed, to Carol the cool, calm cucumber sipping a latte in the sun. Just make sure you return the favour!

Natasha: When you start to feel stressed, you tend to connect being busy with being valued, rather than your value being connected to results and output. Help manage your stress by asking for what results are required, rather than thinking about the hours you need to work. And remember that your team and management is there to support you, it's okay to ask for help!

Mitch: Someone who helps to de-stress their workplace deserves a special coffee. Why not try a Caramel or a Vanilla coffee from the Nespresso Professional range? My favourite is a Cardamom Vanilla Latte, featuring the Espresso Vanilla capsule.

The Relaxer

The office personality who seems to stroll around without a care in the world. He's on deadline, but you wouldn't know it. In fact, sometimes you don't really know quite what it is he does. Nobody does. Whatever it is, he must be good at it, because he is well liked throughout the office. While sometimes the relaxed attitude can be a little frustrating, this person can be great at breaking tension and bringing a smile to your face in a stressful time.

Natasha: This attitude causes other team members to feel that they are doing more work - as in their mind, the Relaxer is not as productive as they should be and this can put increased pressure on the rest of the team. Setting clear boundaries on expectations about behaviour and performance can be very helpful.

Mitch: For many coffee breaks, it's great to enjoy a staple. Choose a flavour that's balanced and smooth like Espresso Forte as a Cappuccino, perhaps a medium roast, to keep the relaxed mood.

Nespresso Cappuccino

Elevate your afternoon coffee break with a quality cup of Nespresso Professional. Why not create a coffee moment and pair your cappuccino with a sweet treat?

The Hero

Every story needs a hero. In the workplace, they typically come with the same tell-tale traits. You know the drill. Regularly the first one in the office and the last to leave. They're more than happy to go above and beyond to help, often taking on additional work regardless of their workload. They always find time for others but never for themselves. Yet, despite it all, their positivity and all-round kindness never wanes.

Natasha: This employee sees their self-worth, or value, very connected to their role and others' perception of them. Best tip is to tell them how important they are and how much you value their effort. Follow this with "but in order for you to do your best work on a sustained basis, I want you to take regular annual leave breaks.

Mitch: Time for everyone around them, but never for themselves? This person deserves a large coffee that takes time to enjoy. Why not treat them to a long black with a dash of milk? The perfect amount of creamy milk to complement the coffee flavour will give them a little bit of me-time they deserve so much.

Coffee can bring people together, and when you have a modern workplace that is typically diverse taking the time to get to know each personality can make a real difference to culture. When it comes down to it, the most important thing to remember when trying to deal with the many personalities of the workplace is understanding and respect. Ultimately, as colleagues, we’re all working towards the same cause. Although certain relationships can take time to navigate, the payoff is a workplace diverse in character. I’ll drink to that!

*Nespresso Professional Research conducted across Australia by Research Now SSI in March 2018, including 154 of Australia’s upper management and C-suite decision makers within all businesses.

Natasha Hawker

Natasha Hawker
HR Expert, Employee Matters

Mitch Monaghan

Mitch Monaghan
Nespresso Coffee Ambassador

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