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From capsule to table

Nespresso is proud to present RE:FARM, a full circular journey for coffee - from capsule, cup to your dinner table – all under one roof.

Explore the possibilities and impact of your recycling efforts with our on-site capsule recycler to separate your Nespresso coffee capsules into aluminum for second-life products and coffee for compost, and our live Bokashi composter, which turns spent coffee grounds into rich nutrients that bring new life to produce.

Through nature’s science, RE:FARM’s indoor farm turns coffee waste into a new resource, growing delicious and nutritious herbs, vegetables and edible flowers that are freshly harvested to excite your next plate at K11 MUSEA and Rosewood Hong Kong’s world class dining establishments.

RE:FARM will have residency at K11 MUSEA between September 2022 to June 2023. Join us for an exciting program of events and workshops to learn more about we can contribute together to ‘Coffee as a Force for Good’.


Born out of partnership with K11 MUSEA and local farming organization, Common Farms, RE:FARM is the next step in Nespresso’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

K11 reveals the interactive cycle of – Art, People, Nature, as the door to a way of living that future generations can enjoy as much quality of life as we do today - working together for a better tomorrow. Flagship destination K11 Musea ushers in a new era of cultural retail, enriching consumer’s daily lives through the power of creativity, culture and innovation.

Common Farms is Hong Kong's first soil-based indoor farm, growing remarkable specialty chemical-free and nutrient-dense produce. The Common Farms team is driven by a passion to transform our local food system through clean, efficient and sustainable farming practices, whilst reducing Hong Kong’s high dependency on food imports and unnecessary waste.

Special Dining Experiences
15 Sep 2022 - Jun 2023



15 Sep 2022 - Jun 2023



RE:FARM Restaurant Partners

Please contact each restaurant booking and details.

Event Schedule

Nespresso has always done things a certain way. Not the easiest way, nor the quickest. But the right way. Caring for communities, climate, and circularity with the same dedication and passion that goes into every cup of Nespresso coffee. Because it’s the right thing to do.

In 2022, Nespresso joined the B Corp community - enterprises rethinking the way they do business, going beyond sustainability to balance purpose with profit. B Corp certification reflects Nespresso’s 30 years of commitment to make a positive impact on the world and inspires us to go even further to scale our impact.

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Terms and Conditions

Events and workshops are subject to availability. Advanced reservation is required. Bookings for events and workshops will be confirmed by Nespresso Hong Kong via email based on the contact information provided in the reservations form. Nespresso Hong Kong reserves the right to make changes or adjustments to any and all events and workshops. Any event or workshop cancellations will be notified via email based on the contact information provided in the reservations form. Proof of reservation in the form of email confirmation must be shown at the event or workshop to verify booking.

Restaurant bookings and availabilities are not guaranteed. Please contact restaurants directly to reserve seats. Seating is subject to availability and advanced reservation is recommended.