We at Nespresso are constantly searching for ways of changing things wherever we can, helping to contribute to a better and more sustainable future. We are committed to conducting our business responsibly, and a cup of Nespresso coffee can be an extraordinary experience and also create added value for society and the environment.

For this reason, we at Nespresso Atelier 2018 wanted to count on the presence of Decafé, a company operating with a ‘second-life’ philosophy that creates decorative products, such as lamps or candles, from coffee grounds.

Raúl Laurí, owner of the company, will give a workshop showing the Atelier attendees how to make one of the pieces designed by the artist using coffee grounds. Raúl, conscious of the amount of daily waste we produce on a daily basis, is seeking new ways of making the most of it. His designs allow you to smell, feel and immerse yourself in all the sensations that arise from a cup of coffee.

Coffee is a carrier of experiences; thousands of stories take place on a daily basis over a cup of coffee. So, why throw away such a valuable product when we can harness its emotional aspects in other ways?