A coffee-lover's guide to the best coffee pods

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A coffee-lover’s guide to the best coffee pods

Nespresso’s best tasting coffee capsules

Coffee pods have fast become the daily go-to for coffee lovers worldwide. They offer the promise of a perfect cup, cup after cup, with minimal effort and maximum flavour. They have the potential to create our favourite caffeine-based beverages with little to no wastage, and with our environment in mind. If you’re new to the world of Nespresso, this guide will help you to choose the best coffee pods for you based on simplicity of use, wastage and recyclability, and most importantly, taste.

best coffee pods

From bean to pod

How Nespresso creates the best tasting coffee capsules

Step 1: Harvesting
Most of the beans used for Nespresso coffee are harvested by hand to guarantee only the best quality make it to the coffee pods. The Nespresso harvesting team also conduct taste checks at origin before packing and shipping. This testing ensures only the finest, cleanest coffee is selected.

Step 2: Blending
The coffee is blended with other coffee origins that complement and enhance one another. Nespresso uses two main commercial coffee species: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica has a fineness, acidity, clarity and elegance while Robusta adds body, and texture.

Step 3: Roasting and Grinding
Roasting and grinding releases the full flavour of each unique blend. Each coffee has its own specific roasting process which is tailored to create an individual finish and flavour.

Step 4: Encapsulation
After grinding, the coffee is packed into an aluminium capsule that protects ground coffee from contact with the air, light and moisture. Nespresso’s encapsulation process guarantees freshness of the coffee’s flavours and aromas for up to one year.

What’s great about using Nespresso coffee pods?

  1. Simple to use
    Drop the capsule into the machine, select your drink type, press the button and it’s as simple as that.
  2. Minimal wastage
    Each capsule from the Nespresso range is perfectly measured with the correct amount of ground coffee for your drink. This reduces wastage and means you will consistently pour a delicious espresso shot every time.
  3. Easy to recycle
    Nespresso coffee pods use Aluminium casing because it is a naturally-occurring and is it infinitely recyclable. Nespresso provides three easy ways that you can recycle your used aluminium coffee capsules in Australia:
    1. Return your used aluminium capsules to a Nespresso Boutique or one of over 300 participating collection points. Find your nearest collection point.
    2. Participate in one of our bulk recycling collection initiatives where workplaces or community locations can become a recycling point. Discover the program.
    3. Post your used capsules back to Nespresso using a special Australia Post satchel. Order your Nespresso recycling bag.

A wide range of delicious flavours

Enjoy your classic Espresso experience with the wide range of Nespresso’s Original coffee range. From a milder fruity espresso, to the Neapolitan style short Ristretto, enjoy with or without milk.

Nespresso’s Vertuo coffee range offers a one-of-a-kind sensory coffee experience that combines a smooth taste, full body and rich crema. Choose from five different sizes, from Espresso to Alto (our biggest cup), there is a Vertuo pod to suit every mood.

Nespresso's Original and Vertuo coffee is sourced from some of the best coffee growing regions from across the world. This includes Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Kenya, India, Indonesia and Mexico.

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