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Republica Dominicana
  • Espresso 1.35 oz
Valle del Cibao

Our experts view this origin as the rising star of the Caribbean, with great potential for quality coffee. A volcanic island nation, the Dominican Republic's 3 mountain ranges offer rich and fertile land for coffee production. Ours comes from the Valle del Cibao, between the Central and Septentrional ranges. Grown in the shade of Guama trees and processed by the classic washed method, this coffee is a fine expression of what the country has to offer. Striking in this medium-roasted espresso is its refreshing green notes of fruits and nuts. A touch of acidity and a light body make this a great coffee to discover.

100% Arabica from Dominican Republic
A Medium roasted coffee.
Refreshing green notes of fruits and nuts with a touch of acidity and a light body.