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Aurora de la Paz
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A Coffee Rediscovered

Grown in the midst of a Colombian conflict area, this high-quality coffee has been difficult to access for years. Despite their difficulties, coffee farmers preserved and cultivated it with dedication.

Discover Aurora de la Paz: an aromatic, balanced, pure Arabica. From a unique terroir in the Caquetá region, its proximity to the jungle characterizes the coffee with rich, fruity notes and fine acidity.

100% Arabica coffee from a unique terroir close to the jungle in the Caquetá region in Colombia
Separate roasting of the beans brings out the complex character of Aurora de la Paz. About half of the coffee is long and medium roasted unveiling its balanced and candied fruit aromatic. The rest of the coffee is also long but much darker roasted enhancing the toasted cereal notes and the intensity of the coffee.
A round and balanced profile, offering complex notes of candied fruits and toasted cereals