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Nespresso Assistance for VertuoLine Machines

Do you need assistance for your machine?

Step 1: Let us guide you through our simple how-to videos below for your VertuoLine Machine.

Step 2: If you require further assistance, contact the Nespresso Club at 1-877-964-6299 for VertuoLine.

Step 3: Get an immediate technical diagnosis and the solution that meets your needs.

In the event your machine issue cannot be resolved over the phone, Nespresso offers a Nespresso Care Program where we will service your machine.

Nespresso will provide a loaner machine to use while your machine is repaired at our After Sales Center.

Are you looking for spare parts for your machine?

Machine parts can be ordered via the Nespresso Club at 877.964.6299.



 For any assistance for your Nespresso OriginalLine Machine, please click here