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Orange Refresher
1 serving

Orange Refresher

Crealto results from an encounter between one of Nespresso's Coffee Expert, Alexis Rodriguez and awarded Chef Mauro Colagreco who share a love for high-quality products and a desire to create.


  • 2 capsules of Crealto (2x 40ml)
  • Orange syrup (2 cups/ 100 g of sugar +3.38 oz/ 100 ml of water + the zest of an orange)
  • 2 cloves
  • The zest of ¼ organic orange
  • Crushed ice
  • 2 ice cubes

You will need:

  • Pan
  • Zester
  • Recipe glace (350 ml)
  • Pestle
  • Shaker


Gently heat all the ingredients for thesyrup in a saucepan until it begins tosimmer
  • Let it stand for 5 minutes thenstrain through a sieve
  • Fill a Lungo glass with crushed ice towithin 3 cm of the top
  • Then pour in 50ml of the orange syrup
  • Prepare 2 Crealto Espressos in a shaker;add the cloves along with 2 ice cubes
  • Shake vigorously then carefully pourthe mixture through a sieve onto thecrushed ice
  • Enjoy

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