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Vanilla Coffee Dessert with Apples and Almond Macaroons
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Vanilla Coffee Dessert with Apples and Almond Macaroons

A captivating range of perfectly matched textures and flavours make this vanilla coffee dessert a standout.


  • capsules of Livanto or Ristretto Decaffeinato Grand Cru
  • dessert apples (150 g), or cooking apples
  • Amaretti (almond biscuits)
  • sheets of gelatin
  • tablespoons of toasted flaked almonds
  • vanilla pods, cut lengthways
  • 100 g of brown cane sugar
  • 150 g of whipped cream


  • individual dishes
  • saucepan (18 cm)
  • Espresso cups (4x 80 ml)
  • CitiZ Espresso
  • Premium Espresso, Gold Ring
  • Premium Espresso, Plantium Ring
  • Ritual Espresso
  • CitiZ Espresso Spoon
  • Ritual Espresso Spoon
  • PIXIE Espresso, Ristretto
  • PIXIE Espresso, Arpeggio
  • PIXIE Espresso, Cosi
  • PIXIE Espresso, Indriya from India
  • PIXIE Espresso, Roma
  • PIXIE Espresso, Capriccio
  • PIXIE Espresso, Livanto
  • PIXIE Espresso, Volluto
  • PIXIE Espresso, Dulsão do Brasil
  • PIXIE Espresso, Rosabaya de Colombia
  • PIXIE Espresso, Ristretto Decaffeinato
  • PIXIE Espresso, Decaffeinato
  • Glass Espresso Cup & Black Saucer


  • Soak the gelatin in cold water, until it becomes soft Peel the apples, core and cut into 12 slices Cut the vanilla pods in half lengthways and scrape out the seeds Place the brown cane sugar, vanilla seeds and two of the sliced vanilla pods into a (18 cm) saucepan Prepare the 6 capsules of Livanto or Ristretto Decaffeinato Grand Cru in espressos (6x 40 ml) Pour in 50 ml of water, bring to a boil and let the sugar caramelise; then add the espressos Add the apple slices Cook on a low heat for 10 minutes Add the drained gelatin to the mixture and let it dissolve, stirring gently Cool and place in the refrigerator Once the gelatin has set, remove the apple slices and vanilla pods and cut the jelly dessert into small cubes Cut the amaretti in half and place them into individual dishes Add the small cubes, apple slices and half the whipped cream Sprinkle with the toasted flaked almonds Decorate with the remaining whipped cream and remaining vanilla pods An espresso can be poured over the dish for a smoother, richer coffee dessert

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