Trieste Almond and Pistachio Double Latte Macchiato

Discover the new Limited Edition Trieste and Napoli together and appreciate their unique characters through this recipe.

  • capsules of Grand Cru Trieste Limited Edition
  • 10 ml of Almond syrup
  • Pistachios
  • Milk

  • Aeroccino milk frother or your Nespresso machine's steam wand
  • tall Recipe glass (350 ml)
  • Ritual Recipe

  • Pour 10 ml of Almond syrup In a Ritual Recipe Glass Extract a Trieste Espresso (40ml) on top Froth the milk with an Aeroccinoor a steam wand Pour the froth on top of the Espresso and then the hot milk Delicately extract a Trieste Limited Editionas a Ristretto (25ml )on top of the milk Sprinkle some pistachios over the top and serve