Tropical Macchiato

A smooth fusion of textures and flavours with mandarin segments soaked in honey, enveloped in the sweetness of Grand Cru Dulsão do Brasil. Let yourself be swept away by this light, exotic treat.

  • capsule of Dulsão do Brasil Grand Cru
  • leaves of lemongrass
  • teaspoons of honey
  • sheet of gelatin
  • mandarin
  • Ice cubes

  • Ritual water glasses (110 ml)
  • Aeroccino milk frother or your Nespresso machine's steam nozzle
  • shaker
  • Ritual Water
  • Aeroccino +
  • Aeroccino 3 Black
  • Aeroccino 3 Red
  • Aeroccino 3 White
  • Shaker

Make the lemongrass infusion, carefully cut the lemongrass and put them into a teapot add some hot water, a teaspoon of honey and the gelatin
  • Let it rest for a few minutes
  • Peel the mandarin and put the slices on the bottom of the glass
  • Press the other mandarin
  • Add 5 or 6 ice cubes in the lemongrass infusion until they melt
  • Pour the infusion into the Aeroccino milk frother (use the COLD function)
  • Pour the Grand Cru Dulsão do Brasil in the shaker, add some honey and the mandarin juice and finally 5 or 6 icecubes
Shake it well! Pour into the glass and add the froth from the Aeroccino milk frother on top!

Dulsão do Brasil