How to Make a Latte at Home?

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Preparation time: 3 min
Preparation difficulty: Easy

What is a latte?

Caffè Latte is an espresso and milk-based coffee drink. Meaning ‘milk coffee’ in Italian, this hot milky drink is blended harmoniously with a Lungo shot, making it the ideal sweet coffee drink to sip, savour and dream of Italy. No wonder why it's so popular as a morning drink!

How to make a latte?

Making a latte is similar to making a cappuccino, but with more milk and served in a larger cup. Simply pour one espresso shot in your latte recipe cup and top it up with 90 ml of frothed milk. Et voilà, you can now enjoy your favourite drink from the comfort of your home.

Ingredients to make a Nespresso Latte

  • Any Lungo capsule: Suggestions Envivo Lungo or Linizio Lungo
  • Milk: 90 ml


  • Nespresso Aeroccino
  • View Large Recipe Glass
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine

Let's Make It

  1. First, brew your Lungo capsule (110ml) into a Recipe glass.
  2. Then, heat your milk using the Aeroccino, or make your recipe with a machine from the Creatista or Latissima range at the touch of a button.
  3. Now, pour the hot milk on top of the coffee to form the perfect Caffe Latte.
  4. Serve and enjoy!


Envivo Lungo


Linizio Lungo


Aeroccino3 Milk Frother Black


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How to make an iced latte?

A latte is perfect as it is, but iced variations are popular and ideal for warmer months. An iced latte uses chilled milk mixed with espresso and ice. It’s a satisfying and refreshing coffee drink to enjoy on a hot day.