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Troubleshooting and Solutions

The machine doesn't switch on: check the power cord and fuses.The coffee isn't warm enough: preheat your cups and descale machine.No coffee extraction: clean and descale if necessary.Leakage in capsule area: clean the capsule holder and ensure the capsule is inserted correctly.No hot water or steam: clean and descale if necessary.The milk doesn't froth: clean the frothing device. We also recommend using semi-skimmed milk.No water flow: fill the tank and make sure it is correctly inserted.

Download the maintenance guide for your particular machine. If the problem persists please contact the Nespresso Club on freephone 0809 001 886.


Inissia C40
Inissia D40


U C50
U D50


Pixie C60
Pixie D60


CitiZ C110
CitiZ D110




Maestria C500
Maestria D500