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Pure Origin pack - 5 Sleeves
Get 30% Discount for VIEW Cappuccino or PURE Cappuccino cups

When purchase any 100 coffee capsules that include Pure Origin pack - 5 Sleeves.

  • The discount is for VIEW Cappuccino or PURE Cappuccino cups and will automatically applied on checkout page.
  • Promotion valid from now until 5 September 2018 or while stock last.
  • Also receive free Master Origin sampling capsules kit.
  • For any queries, please contact Nespresso Thailand at 1800-019-090 (Toll-free).

A selection of our Pure Origin coffees Discover the subtle, refined characters typical of each unique country of origin with the range of our Pure Origin coffees.

This assortment contains:

20 capsules of Bukeela Ka Ethiopia:

Intensity: 3
Lungo: 110 ml
Main aromatic notes: Floral

20 capsules of Rosabaya de Columbia:

Intensity: 6
Espresso: 40 ml
Main aromatic notes: Fruity-wine

10 capsules of Dulsao Do Brasil:

Intensity: 4
Espresso: 40 ml
Main aromatic notes: Sweet cereal


50 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system.