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Festive Selection 50 Capsules Assortment
Two limited edition Nordic Indulgence coffees with one sleeve each of Chiaro, Caramelito and Master Origin Indonesia

From the smooth cereal aftertaste of Nordic Black to the sweet jammy fruitiness of Variations Nordic Cloudberry Flavoured - discover our Limited Edition coffees inspired by Nordic indulgence. Complemented by Chiaro, Caramelito and Master Origin Indonesia, this special selection will delight your penchant for sweetness.


This assortment contains:

1 Sleeve of Nordic Black
1 Sleeve of Variations Nordic Cloudberry Flavoured
1 Sleeve of Chiaro
1 Sleeve of Caramelito

1 Sleeve of Master Origin Indonesia



1 sleeve contains 10 capsules.


Nordic Black - Intensity 5

It’s an aromatic African and South American Arabica blend, full of elegant sweet fruity notes and a smooth and lingering cereal aftertaste. It makes a light-bodied long black coffee with a medium intensity. You’ll love it black, but we crafted it to go equally well with milk.


Variations Nordic Cloudberry Flavoured - Intensity 6

Cloudberries grow across the arctic tundra in particularly cold climate. The Nordics enjoy the delicate tart taste of this little golden-yellow berry, particularly in their jams and desserts. This delicacy inspired our Variations Nordic Cloudberry Flavoured coffee. It has all the roundness of the Livanto base with a sweet jammy fruitiness and a hint of acidity.



Inspired by the baristas of Brooklyn, who value the natural sweetness of coffee and apply a light roast to protect it, we carefully selected Arabicas from Kenya and Indonesia to develop this smooth blend, that reveals its natural caramel and sweet biscuit notes when combined with milk.


Caramelito - Intensity 6

Go ahead and dream a little. We did. The warming flavour of caramel softens the roasted notes of our most balanced espresso - Livanto - and makes it a sweetheart. Creamy like a soft toffee - that’s Caramelito.


Master Origin Indonesia - Intensity 8

It’s the coffee production, the unique coffee farming methods, that make this a classic Indonesia coffee - Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica has a thick and rich, velvety body. It’s wild in its cured tobacco notes and you’ll get whiffs of tropical woody aromas.


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Nespresso is committed to delivering the perfect cup of coffee, cup after cup. Together with the Rainforest Alliance, we created the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program to safeguard the future supply of quality coffee, while paying farmers a higher income and protecting the natural environment. Each of our coffee blends are sealed for freshness in our recyclable aluminium capsules, waiting to be released for your coffee pleasure.
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