4. Company registration

«Nestle Rossiya», LLC, Paveletskaya square 2 b.1, Moscow Russia 115054, Telephone 8-800-200-00-04. Tax registration number (ИНН) 7705739450, State registration number (ОГРН) 1067746759662

5. СПЕЦИФИКАЦИЯ (Прайс-лист) c 01.09.2017 г.

Нажмите здесь, чтобы ознакомиться со спецификацией.

(hereinafter - "Sales Terms")

1. Sales Terms application and terminology


1.1. Terminology:

Online boutique - the web-site belonging to the Seller, its Internet address being www.nespresso.com/ru. It contains presentation of the Goods offered by the Seller for sale, terms and conditions for placing Orders, as well as other information.

Nespresso Club – a hot-line for Clients support available 24/ 7, calling which you will get support from Nespresso Coffee Specialists in terms of choosing coffee and they will reply all your questions:

• Call Nespresso Club toll-free at: 8-800-200-00-04 (free for Russia), 8 (495) 725-72-72 (Moscow and international calls);

• e-mail: clubru@nespresso.com.

User Account – the Website section, which can be accessed after authorization using the login (e-mail address, indicated in the course of registration) and the password, which are entered by the Client in the course of the registration process (the password can be changed upon clicking the "Restore Password" link and following the link sent to the e-mail address entered in the course of registration.

The Seller, also referred to as "Nespresso" within the context of these Sales Terms – "Nestle Russia", LLC, 115054, Moscow, Paveletskaya sq. ,2, bldg.1. Phone: 8-800-200-00-04. TIN 7705739450, PRSN 1067746759662.

Client, also referred to as "Client" within the context of these Sales Terms – legally capable individual, placing Orders on the Website or by phone 8 800 200 00 04 and assisted by a Coffee Specialist or indicated as the recipient of the Order.

The Website - www.nespresso.com/ru

The Goods - material object which was not withdrawn from civil circulation and available for sale on the Website.

1.2. Each Order placed on the Website as well as in the Nespresso Club shall be regulated by these Sales Terms.

1.3. By placing Orders in the Online Boutique and in the Nespresso Club, and when using other services of this Website, you confirm your consent to these Sales Terms and Privacy policy.

1.4. The Seller reserves his right to update the current Sales Terms anytime, by issuing their new edited version. When placing Orders on the Website, you confirm your consent to the latest revised version of the Sales Terms.

1.5. These Sales Terms, as well as information on the Goods, available on the Website for sale, constitute a public offer as per art. 435 and p.2, art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1.6. Relations between the Client and the Seller shall be regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation regarding retail purchase (§ 2 Chapter 30), Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer's Rights" dated 07/02/1992 No.2300-1 and other legislative acts approved thereunder.

1.7. The Goods sold by the Seller as per these Sales Terms are not intended for resale in commercial purposes. A Client guarantees that he acquires the Goods for personal needs, which are not related to any commercial activities.

1.8. Agreement concluded verbally between the Seller and the Client in accordance with these Sales Terms shall be considered to have been executed as from the date of the Goods delivery to the place specified by the Client.

1.9. Territory of sales is the territory of the Russian Federation.

1.10. The relations with the Clients being legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, which have sales agreements concluded in writing, are subject to the terms agreed on by the parties in such agreements, and other documents presented on the Website and applicable to such relations.


2. Registration


2.1. In order to register as a Nespresso Club member, it is required to complete a member form on the Website or by calling 8 800 200 00 04, assisted by a Coffee Specialist.

2.2. When registering on the Website, please make sure that the information mandatory for registration is entered correctly.

2.3. Please inform Nespresso Club of your address changes and any updates. You can edit your data in your User Account on the Website.


3. Password


3.1. When registering on this Website you will be asked to specify a password. We ask you not to disclose your password to any third party.

3.2. You are solely responsible for your password usage and for any orders placed using your password, even without your knowledge.

3.3. If you know or suspect that someone else knows your password or used it for placing an order, please inform the Nespresso Club immediately.

3.4. The Nespresso Club membership number also constitutes confidential information, which is not subject to disclosure to any third parties and shall be used to identify a Member when he contacts the Nespresso Club by phone.


4. Orders


4.1. Offer of the Goods for sale can be limited by the goods availability at the Seller's warehouse. In this regard, in order to maintain a high level of service and to execute the greatest possible number of orders, the Seller can establish a maximum order quantity: not more than 1500 capsules per month per Member, regardless of a Grand Cru blend.

4.2. In order to ensure shipping effectiveness and preservation of the goods packaging until their delivery to our Clients, each order shall contain at least 50 capsules, and be a multiple of 50 capsules (50, 100, 150, 200...). You can order any Grand Cru blend you like, provided that their total amount will be divisible by 50 (e.g. 20 Roma, 10 Arpeggio, 10 Livanto, 10 Cosi).

4.3. In case the ordered goods are not available at the Nespresso warehouse, the Seller is entitled to exclude the specified product from the Client's order/cancel the Client's order, with notice by e-mail sent to the address specified in the registration form (or by giving a call to Nespresso Club specialist).

4.4. In case of cancellation of a prepaid order, the value of such an order is to be returned to the Client in the same way the one used for prepayment.


5. Order confirmation


5.1. Placing orders on the Website shall not be deemed an official purchase agreement, unless the Seller sends a related confirmation via email.

5.2. The Seller reserves the right to refuse the order, if the Client previously had unpaid orders, in case of any suspicion that the Client's data have been illegally used by third parties or your bank card is frozen, as well as in case of exceeding the maximum order amount in accordance with the clause 4.1.

5.3. The data registered in the Nespresso system constitute an official confirmation of the executed transaction.


6. Prices


6.1. The value of the Goods is indicated on the Website in Russian rubles, VAT included, but does not include the cost of delivery (see the section 7.3).

6.2. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices and shipping costs at any time. At the same time, the price for the Goods which have already been ordered by the Client cannot be altered.

6.3. If the price for the goods ordered by a Client is indicated incorrectly, the Seller shall inform the Client of that in order to confirm the Order in accordance with the revised price or cancel the Order. If it is impossible to get in touch with the Client, the Order shall be canceled. If the Order has been paid, the Seller returns to the Client the amount paid for the Order, using the same method that was used for the payment.

6.4. In case of placing a pre-order (an order placed before the official launch of sales of the selected product), the price of the product, as well as delivery terms shall be used for informational purposes only and may vary from the standard prices and conditions, which will enter in force at the time of actual start of sales of the selected product. The Seller provides the Client information on price and conditions of the pre-order in a way convenient for the Seller. The Client is entitled to either accept the terms for pre-order placement, or reject this possibility.


7. Delivery


7.1. Delivery is carried out only within the territory of the Russian Federation, except the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol.

7.2. Delivery time depends on the destination and the availability of the ordered goods in stock. Additional delivery conditions are discussed individually. The Seller shall make every effort to meet the delivery deadlines specified on the Website, however, there may be delays in delivery owing to unforeseen circumstances that may occur without fault of the Seller.
All orders confirmed by the Seller will be delivered to the address specified at the moment of placing the Order.

7.3. Shipping shall be paid for, except the cases specifically determined by the Seller (e.g., special limited time offers, as well as minimum order amount set for free delivery, when order is made by using the form on the Website or via a toll-free hotline). The cost of delivery is indicated in the Specification posted on the Website in the section "Terms of Use".

7.4. Methods of the Goods delivery are specified in the Website section "Shipping and payment": courier delivery.

7.5. The risk of loss or damage of the Goods passes to the Client at the moment of transfer of the goods and signing the documents confirming the Order delivery by the latter/order recipient. In case of failure to deliver the Order, the Seller shall reimburse to the Client the cost of the prepaid Order and its delivery after receiving confirmation of the Order loss from the Delivery service.

7.6. Upon delivery, the Order shall be given to the Client or a person named as the Order recipient. If the Order to be paid in cash cannot be received by the above mentioned persons, the Order shall be given to the person, who is ready to provide information about the Order (tracking number and/or recipient's full name), and to pay the full cost to the person who delivers the Order.

7.7. To avoid fraud, as well as to meet the commitments undertaken as per paragraph 7.6. of the Sales Terms, when supplying the prepaid Order, the person who delivers the Order is entitled to check the recipient's identity document. The Seller guarantees confidentiality and protection of the Recipient's personal information (p. 16).

7.8. Partial refusal from the ordered Goods is not allowed. The order can be accepted by the Client in full or completely rejected.

7.9. The Seller has the right to involve third parties that specialize in courier services and services related to goods delivery, for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations to the Client regarding the Goods delivery.


8. Inspection of the Goods


Upon receipt of the goods, you should verify their integrity, completeness, conformity of the Goods delivered to the Order, availability of product accessories and product documentation and other specifications of the delivered goods.


9. Return of the Goods


9.1. Return of goods of due quality


9.1.1. In accordance with paragraph 4, art. 26.1. of the Federal law No. 2300-I "On protection of consumer rights", the Client has the right to refuse from the ordered goods of proper quality at any time prior to the date of the Order execution, and after the goods were received within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt.
Returning goods of proper quality is possible if the marketable condition, consumer characteristics, as well as a document confirming the fact of purchase and terms of purchase are preserved. The absence of proof of the fact and the terms of purchase does not deprive the Client of the possibility to rely on other evidences of purchase of the Goods. In case any traces of the goods usage are revealed, the Seller reserves the right to refuse from refunding referring to these reasons.

9.1.2. Upon the Client's refusal from the Goods of proper quality, the Seller has to return to him the amount paid by the Client for the Goods, except for the Seller's expenses for delivery of the returned Goods back from the Client, no later than 10 days from the date of the relevant Client's claim.


9.2. Returning goods of inadequate quality


9.2.1. The effects of selling goods of inadequate quality using remote sales are stipulated by the provisions of the articles 18-24 of the Federal law No. 2300-I "On protection of consumer rights".

9.2.2. In case of the Client's refusal from the contract and his claim for refunding the amount paid for the Goods of inadequate quality under paragraph 10.4. of the Sales Terms, the Goods value, as well as the costs of the Goods delivery shall be returned to the Client within 10 days from the date of receipt by the Seller of the Client's written application.


9.3. The Goods may be returned by any of the following ways:

• in Nespresso Boutiques (Nespresso boutiques addresses are listed in Annex 1 to these Rules);

• By courier – to order a courier please contact a Coffee Specialist by phone 8 800 200 00 04.

9.4. Return shall be executed based on a completed application; the related cash receipt and slip (slips) in case of payment by a bank card with indication of the goods or cash and commercial cheques confirming the purchase and its terms shall be submitted. The application shall be deemed to be duly executed, if it is made in writing and bears the original signature of the Client. The Client's return application shall be transferred simultaneously with the Goods to be returned by the Client. The application form for refunding can be obtained by contacting the hot-line for Clients support.
In case the Client has obtained an official act - conclusion of an authorized service center confirming the defect of the product, it is required to have proof of payment for such Goods in order to receive compensation.


10. Payment


10.1. Available Orders payment methods:


10.1.1. upon receipt of the goods: in cash or by a bank card (if technically possible and if such payment method was specified in advance) to a person carrying out the Order delivery. The Seller has the right to involve third parties specializing in services for acquiring money (Agents). Tax receipt can be issued on behalf of the Agent in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

10.1.2. on the Website: using Yandex.Kassa service (including payments by bank cards and Yandex.Money). Features of payment using Yandex.Kassa are presented on the website

10.2. The Seller reserves the right to limit the payment methods available to the Client.

10.3. The Clients - legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, which have sales agreements concluded in writing, are subject to the terms of payment agreed upon by the parties under such agreements.

10.4. In order to avoid various kinds of illegal bank cards usage, all the Orders placed on the Website and prepaid by a bank card, are validated by the Seller. In order to verify the identity of the card holder and his eligibility to use the card, when delivering the Order worth over 15000 (fifteen thousand) Russian rubles, the Seller and/or a person who carries out delivery, has the right to require from the Client who has placed such an order to present an identity document.

10.5. If a different person receives an order, the Seller and/or a person who delivers the Order, has the right to require the person to present its identity document, as well as a power of Attorney, made in the simple written form authorizing the latter to receive from the Order on behalf of the Client.

10.6. The Seller guarantees confidentiality and protection of personal data of the Order recipient and/or his representative.


10.7. Refund

10.7.1. In case of cancellation of the Order or return of the Goods upon their receipt by the Client, the money shall be returned; at the same time, The way of money refund shall be determined with regards to the method, used by the Client for payment for the Goods.

10.7.2. Refunds shall be effected by the Seller in one of the following ways:

a) in cash at the location of the Client/Seller – only in case of payment in cash and if it is possible;

b) credit the bank card, which was used for the payment – in case of payment by a bank card;

c) credit the account in the Yandex.Money cashless payment system, from which the payment was made –in case of payment by the corresponding method;

d) in other cases, by bank transfer using the bank details specified by the Client in the application.


11. Warranty


11.1. When buying the Goods in the Nespresso Club and the Online Boutique, you acquire new Goods with a warranty. All technically complex Goods (hereinafter referred to as "Equipment") have their own warranty term set by the manufacturer, within which all the repair work regarding the Equipment shall be executed free of charge, upon condition of their normal use in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.

11.2. Warranty service shall not be executed in the following cases:

• Inconsistency of the Equipment serial numbers and models to the data entered in the warranty card;

• In case of any mechanical damages of the Equipment, as well as in case of exposure to water, steam, acids and similar substances, both on the cover and inside;

• Utilization of the Equipment under unstable voltage in the mains (frequency deviation from reference value exceeding 0.5%, voltage exceeding 10%);

• In case of incorrect connecting of accessories to the Equipment;

• When using consumables, the quality of which does not meet the requirements set forth in the manufacturer's instructions or quality of which does not meet the standards normally applicable to the materials of this kind;

• In case of incorrect installation of the software;

• In the event of manufacturer's seals breach over the devices or nodes of the Equipment, including the goals of modifying;

• conducting repair of the Equipment by unauthorized persons/organizations.

11.3. Warranty repair of the Equipment is not performed also in other cases when the Client's breaches the established rules of use, storage or transportation of the Equipment, in case of third party actions or force majeure circumstances, if non-manufacturing defects occur in such cases.


12. Maintenance


12.1. For any questions related to utilization of technically complex Goods (such as Nespresso machines), please contact the Nespresso Club by phone 8 800 200 00 04 (toll-free in Russia) for advice and technical support, 7/24.

12.2. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, a Nespresso Club Coffee Specialist will offer you a number of solutions. Please contact the Nespresso Club for more consultations on the issue. You can also find the contact information on the Website.


13. Responsibility


13.1. Photos and texts available on the Website are provided for information purposes only. The Seller assumes no responsibility for errors or inaccuracies which appear on the photographs or in the texts available on the Website.

13.2. The Seller is not liable for the inaccuracy of the information provided by the Client when registering as a Nespresso Club member and ordering.

13.3. The Seller is not responsible for inappropriate use by the Client of the Goods ordered. In case the Client provides incorrect information regarding his contact information, the Seller is not liable for the improper execution of the Order.


14. Force majeure


14.1. The Seller will make every effort to fulfil his obligations. However, the Seller is not responsible for the delay caused by force majeure circumstances. Such as strikes, wars, natural disasters and any other circumstances, which may prevent delivery of the Goods.

14.2. In case of delayed delivery, the Seller will fulfill his obligations to perform the delivery as soon as possible to the extent which is possible.


15. Privacy Policy


Please read the Privacy policy posted on the Website in the section "Terms of use", which establishes the procedures and rules in relation to your personal data and their processing by the Seller.


16. Applicable law


These Sales Terms shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.


Annex 1


Nespresso Boutiques:

 Moscow  Bolshaya Dmitrovka str., 13;
 Moscow  Novinsky avenue 31;
 Moscow  Zemlyanoy Val str., 33, TC "Atrium"
 Moscow  16A, Leningradskoe shosse, bld. 4, TC "Metropolis"
 Moscow  Vernadskogo Ave., 6, TC «Capitoliy»
 Moscow  Presnenskaya emb., 2, TC "Afimoll city"
 Moscow  Kutuzovsky prospect, 48
 Moscow  Red square, 3
 Khimki  IKEA Microdistrict, building No. 2
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 СПЕЦИФИКАЦИЯ (Прайс-лист)  с 25.05.2017 г. 

Артикул  Категория Цена за шт.,вкл.НДС (руб.)


3368/2 Набор Эспрессо из 2 чашек 2 блюдец коллекции Ritual 3368/2 1 100,00р.
3369/2 Набор Лунго из 2 чашек 2 блюдец коллекции Ritual 3369/2 1 300,00р.
3393/4 Набор из 4 коктейльных стаканов и 4 ложек  коллекции Glass  3393/4 2 400,00р.
3370/2 Набор Каппучино из 2 чашек 2 блюдец коллекции Ritual 3370/2 1 300,00р.
3371/2 Кружка коллекции Ritual (2 шт) 3371/2 1 300,00р.
3390/2 Набор Капучино из 2 чашек из закаленного стекла и 2 пластиковых блюдец коллекции Glass 3390/2 1 300,00р.
3407 Термо-стакан Citiz Travel Mug 1 500,00р.
3382/2 Набор 2 чашки Эспрессо/ 2 блюдца  черного цвета 3382/2 1 200,00р.
3383/2 Набор 2 чашки Лунго/ 2 блюдца  черного цвета 3383/2 1 300,00р.
3384/4 Набор 2 чашки Лунго+2 чашки Эспрессо/4 разноцветных блюдца 3384/4 2 100,00р.
3356/6 Набор ложек 6 шт  в упаковке 3356/6 1 400,00р.
3634/2 Набор из двух дегустационных бокалов Ридл Ривил для сбалансированных блендов 2 400,00р.
3635/2 Набор из двух дегустационных бокалов Ридл Ривил для интенсивных блендов 2 400,00р.
3643/2 Набор из двух дегустационных бокалов Ридл Ривил для блендов лунго 2 400,00р.
  Коллекция TOUCH  
3636/2 Набор из 2 чашек эспрессо/ Touch Espresso 1 350,00р.
3637/2 Набор из 2 чашек лунго / Touch Lungo 1 550,00р.
3638/2 Набор из 2 чашек капучино / Touch Cappucino 1 550,00р.
3639/2 Набор из 2 чашек Mug / Touch Mug 1 650,00р.
3640/4 Набор из 2 чашек эспрессо и 2 чашек лунго /Touch Black Kit, Espresso X 2, Lungo X 2 2 700,00р.
3641/4 Набор из 2 чашек капучино и 2 чашек Mug / Touch Milk Kit, Cappuccino X 2, Mug X 2 3 000,00р.
   Коллекция PURE  
3656/2 Набор из 2 чашек эспрессо и 2 блюдец из фарфора 1 500,00р.
3657/2 Набор из 2 чашек лунго и 2 блюдец из фарфора 1 650,00р.
3658/2 Набор из 2 чашек капучино и 2 блюдец из фарфора 1 650,00р.
3659/2 Набор из 2 кружек (300 мл) и 2 блюдец из фарфора 1 850,00р.
3660/4 Набор из 2 чашек эспрессо,  2 чашек лунго и 4 блюдец из фарфора 2 700,00р.
3661/4 Набор из 2 чашек эспрессо,  2 чашек капучино и 4 блюдец из фарфора 2 700,00р.
3516 Сахар белый (100 палочек) 3128 350,00р.
3517 Сахар коричневый (60 палочек) 3129 350,00р.
3254 Коробка молочного шоколада  (200 г) 3254 650,00р.
3253 Коробка черного шоколада (200 г) 3253 650,00р.
3233 Печенье Cantuccini (140 г) 3233 500,00р.
3234 Печенье Amaretti (140 г) 3234 500,00р.
3259 Печенье Chocolate Diamond with Sichuan Pepper (120 г) 3259 500,00р.
3260 Печенье Orange Delight (120 г) 3260 500,00р.
3237 Печенье Palets Amande: Nature, Caramel, Café 3237 990,00р.
  Наборы для каппучино  
3594-EU-BK Аэрочино "Aero3 EU standalone milk device Black" (прибор для приготовления молочной пены) 4 500,00р.
3594-EU-RE Аэрочино "Aero3 EU standalone milk device Red" (прибор для приготовления молочной пены) 4 500,00р.
3594-EU-WH Аэрочино "Aero3 EU standalone milk device White" (прибор для приготовления молочной пены) 4 500,00р.
4192-EU Аэрочино 4 standalone (прибор для приготовления молочной пены) 6 900,00р.
  Аксессуары для транспортировки  
3323 Сумка для транспортировки кофе-машины Эссенза черная 3323 3 000,00р.
3324 Сумка для транспортировки кофе- машины Citiz Carrier, Slate 3324 3 850,00р.
   Аксессуары для хранения капсул  
3509 Шкатулка для храния капсул Discovery Box 3509 2 500,00р.
3509-F Шкатулка для храния капсул Discovery Box с капсулами ( 36 капсул) 3509-F 3 600,00р.
3364 Раздатчик настенный Citiz Swing 3364 3 990,00р.
3365 Раздатчик настенный Citiz Wall 3365 2 100,00р.
3182 Раздатчик для капсул прозрачный в виде куба 3182 1 000,00р.
3394 Раздатчик для капсул два в одном  из меламина Glass Totem 2в1 3394 2 450,00р.
3396/2 Набор из двух черных раздатчиков для капсул  U 3396/2 2 100,00р.
3615 Раздатчик для капсул Pixie Sleeve, Basic 3615 3 150,00р.
3409 Бонбоньер/раздатчик для капсул 3409 1 700,00р.
5499 Раздатчик для капсул Версило 2 500,00р.
3404 Контейнер для использованных капсул 3404 1 400,00р.
   Линия Pixie  
3610-AR/2.01  Набор Эспрессо из 2 чашек коллекции Pixie Arpeggio 1 500,00р.
3610-VO/2.01  Набор Эспрессо из 2 чашек коллекции Pixie Volluto 1 500,00р.
3610-DI/2.01  Набор Эспрессо из 2 чашек коллекции Pixie  Decaffeinato Intenso  1 500,00р.
3611-VI/2.01  Набор Лунго из 2 чашек коллекции Pixie Vivalto 1 700,00р.
3611-FT/2.01  Набор Лунго из 2 чашек коллекции Pixie Fortissio  1 700,00р.
3611-LZ/2.01 Набор Лунго из 2 чашек коллекции Pixie Linizio 1 700,00р.
3611-EN/2 Набор Лунго из 2 чашек и 2 ложек коллекции Pixie Envivo 1 700,00р.
3618/6 Набор из 6 ложек Pixie 950,00р.
  Наборы для удаления накипи  
3035/MI Набор для удаления накипи Миле 3035/MI 1 100,00р.
5044/6 Набор для удаления накипи  5044/6 410,00р.


7615.50 Кофе бленд Ристретто 7615_50 35,00р.
7431.50 Кофе бленд Арпеджио 7431_50 35,00р.
7439.50 Кофе бленд Рома 7439_50 35,00р.
7443.50 Кофе бленд Ливанто 7443_50 35,00р.
7413.50 Кофе бленд Каприччио 7413_50 35,00р.
7435.50 Кофе бленд Воллюто 7435_50 35,00р.
7642.50 Кофе бленд Кози 7642_50 35,00р.
7644.50 Кофе бленд Арпеджио Декафеинато 7644_50 39,00р.
7645.50 Кофе бленд Воллюто Декафеинато 7646_50 39,00р.
7673.50 Кофе бленд Ристретто Декафеинато 7673.50 39,00р.
7810.50 Кофе бленд Вивальто 7810_50 39,00р.
7834.50 Кофе бленд Фортисио Лунго 7834_50 39,00р.
7622.50 Кофе бленд Линицио Лунго 7622_50 39,00р.
7654.50 Кофе бленд Энвиво Лунго 7654_50 41,00р.
7646.50 Кофе бленд Вивальто Лунго Декаффенато 7646_50 41,00р.
7510.50 Кофе бленд Индриа фром Индия 7510_50 41,00р.
7515.50 Кофе бленд Росабайя Де Колумбия 7515_50 41,00р.
7530.50 Кофе бленд Дульсао До Бразил 7530_50 41,00р.
7633.50 Кофе бленд Букила Ка Эфиопия 7633_50 41,00р.
7623.50 Кофе бленд Казаар 7623_50 41,00р.
7624.50 Кофе бленд Даркан 7624_50 41,00р.
7626.50 Кофе бленд Вариэйшенз Чикаттино 7626_50 43,00р.
7627.50 Кофе бленд Вариэйшенз Ванилио 7627_50 43,00р.
7628.50 Кофе бленд Вариэйшенз Карамелито 7628_50 43,00р.
  Кофе бленд Limited Edition  44,00р.


D40-EU-OR-DL Кофемашина Inissia D40 Orange DeLonghi 8 990,00р.
D40-EU-BK-DL Кофемашина Inissia D40 EU Black DeLonghi 8 990,00р.
D40-EU-CW-DL Кофемашина Inissia D40 EU Cream DeLonghi 8 990,00р.
D50-EU-BK-DL Кофемашина U  Pure Black D50   11 990,00р.
D50-EU-MG-DL Кофемашина U Mat Grey DeLonghi 11 990,00р.
D55-EU-BK-DL Кофемашина U Milk D55 EU Pure Black DeLonghi 19  990,00р.
D60-EU-AL-DL Кофемашина Pixie D60 EU Aluminium DeLonghi 12 990,00р.
D60-EU-WR-DL Кофемашина Pixie D60C Clips EU White and Coral Delonghi 12 990,00р.
D-111-EU-CW-DL Кофемашина Citiz Single D111-EU-CW-DL White DeLonghi EN165 CW_DL 17 490,00р
D-111-EU-BK-DL Кофемашина CitiZ Single Black DeLonghi EN165.B_BK 17 490,00р
D-121-EU-BK-DL Кофемашина Citiz Aeroccino Black D121-EU-BK-DL  DeLonghi EN265.BAE_D 22 990,00р.
D-121-EU-CW-DL Кофемашина Citiz Aeroccino D121 Creamy White DeL EN265.CWAE 22 990,00р.
F511-EU-RE-DL Кофемашина DL Lattissima Restyling Red EU 24 990,00р.
F511-EU-BK-DL Кофемашина DL Lattissima Restyling Black EU 24 990,00р.
F511-EU-WH-DL Кофемашина DL Lattissima Restyling White EU 24 990,00р.
F511-EU-SI-DL Кофемашина DL Lattissima Touch EU Silver  24 990,00р.
F511-EU-BT-DL Кофемашина DL Lattissima Touch EU Black Titanium 24 990,00р.
K100-EU-CW-KA Кофемашина KitchenAid Almond Cream 43 990,00р.
K100-EU-SI-KA Кофемашина KitchenAid Medallion Silver 43 990,00р.
K100-EU-BK-KA Кофемашина KitchenAid Onyx Black 43 990,00р.
K100-EU-RE-KA Кофемашина KitchenAid Empire Red 43 990,00р.
K100-EU-CR-KA Кофемашина KitchenAid Candy Apple Red 43 990,00р.
K100-EU-FP-KA Кофемашина KitchenAid Frosted Pearl 43 990,00р.
F456-EU-PR-DL Кофемашина Lattissima Pro EU Delonghi 35 990,00р.
D500-EU-WH-DL Кофемашина Maestria White EU DL 39 990,00р.
D520-EU-SI-DL Кофемашина Gran Maestria Silver EU DL 49 990,00р.
J520-EU-ME-BK Кофемашина Creatista Plus BORK 48 880,00р.
C112-EU-CH-BK Кофемашина Citiz Chrome BORK 15 880,00р.
C112-EU-SI-BK Кофемашина Citiz Silver BORK 15 880,00р.
C122-EU-CH-BK Кофемашина Citiz & Milk Chrome BORK 19 880,00р.
C122-EU-SI-BK Кофемашина Citiz & Milk Silver BORK 19 880,00р.
C60-RU-TI-NE Кофемашина Pixie Titan BORK 12 990,00р.
C60-RU-BY-NE Кофемашина Clips Black & Yellow BORK 12 990,00р.
  Талоны на услуги по организации ремонта кофе-машин (постгарантийное обслуживание)  
70002 Ремонт с продлением гарантии на 6 месяцев (автоматическая компактная модель) 5 900,00р.
70007 Ремонт с продлением гарантии на 6 месяцев (топ линия) 6 900,00р.
  Тарифы на услуги по организации доставки** Стоимость в руб.,
Зона Регион доставки НДС в т.ч.
DELIVERY_1 *Услуга по организации доставки -  Вкл. зону: Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Екатеринбург, Челябинск, Ростов-на-Дону, Краснодар, Новосибирск, Красноярск, Омск, Самара, Тольятти, Воронеж, Липецк, Курск, Тюмень, Нижний Новгород, Пермь, Волгоград, Казань, Уфа, Сургут (ХМАО), Ставрополь, Новороссийск, Томск, Иркутск, Кемерово, Мурманск, Архангельск 200,00р.
DELIVERY_2 *Услуга по организации доставки -  Вкл. зону:  Московская область или Ленинградская область, Аксай, Батайск (Ростовская обл.),  Волжский (Волгоградская обл.), Малый Сочи (Краснодарский край), Копейск (Челябинская обл.), Верхняя Пышма, Березовский (Свердловская обл.), Бердск (Новосибирская обл.) 300,00р.
DELIVERY_6 *Услуга по организации доставки -  Вкл. зону: Свердловская область, Краснодарский край, Новосибирская область, Челябинская область, Ростовская область, Красноярский край, Самарская область,  Татарстан республика, Большой Сочи, Майкоп (Краснодарский край), Адыгея республика, Дзержинск (Нижегородская обл.)  400,00р.
DELIVERY_7 *Услуга по организации доставки - Вкл. зону:  Липецкая область, Воронежская область, Нижегородская область, Пермский край, Башкирия республика, Волгоградская область, Омская область 600,00р.
DELIVERY_3 *Услуга по организации доставки -  Вкл. зону:Центральный федеральный округ - Белгородская область, Брянская область, Владимирская область, Ивановская область, Калужская область, Костромская область, Курская область, Орловская область, Рязанская область, Смоленская область, Тамбовская область, Тверская область, Тульская область, Ярославская область 800,00р.
DELIVERY_4 *Услуга по организации доставки -  Вкл. зону: Северо-Западный, Приволжский, Южный, Уральский и Сибирский федеральные округа 1 000,00р.
DELIVERY_5 *Услуга по организации доставки -  Вкл. зону: Дальневосточный федеральный округ 1 400,00р.