Terms and conditions

Terms of use

Terms and conditions

· The offer applies exclusively to Nespresso Vertuo-machines purchased within the campaign period 19.08.2019 – 29.09.2019.

· By registering online, it may take up to 5 working days until you receive a confirmation by e-mail that the machine is registered, and you can receive the offer.

· Nespresso will request a copy of the receipt, proving purchase of the Nespresso machine. If such a request is not complied with, Nespresso is under no obligation to send the coffee package. The receipt must therefore be kept safe until you receive your gift.

· The receipt can also be sent to no.promotion@nespresso.com  or by mail. If you prefer to send it by mail*, remember to mark the receipt with name and reference number. The receipt will not be returned.

· Nespresso do not take any responsibility of lost receipts.

· You are responsible to follow up on your registration.

· Only one registration allowed per machine.

· The offer is only valid for machine purchased at trade stores in Norway.

· The offer is not valid for Nespresso Original machines.

· If you do not already have a Nespresso account, we will create one for you.


* Nespresso Norge, PB 713, 0214 Oslo. Mark the envelope with TRADE.