Terms and conditions

Terms of use


• The offer applies to Nespresso machines bought in the campaign period starting April 23, 2019 to June 2, 2019.

• Only one internet registration can be made for each purchased Nespresso machine.

• When registering a machine, Nespresso has the right to demand a copy of the receipt.

• Please allow up to 4 working days for your capsules to be packed and shipped.

• When buying multiple machines, one registration must be made per machine (max. 10 machines per household). If you wish to purchase more than 10 machines, please contact Nespresso at 80 909 600.

• This offer applies only to Nespresso machines purchased in Denmark.

• This offer does not apply to purchases of machines from Nespresso Business Solutions.

• The redemption period for your gift is before June 10, 2019.

Nespresso reserves the right to invoice redeemed gifts (50 Original coffee capsules, value 166,00 DKK, 60 Vertuo coffee capsules, value 259,40 DKK) for returned machines.

• When registering your Nespresso machine you will automatically get 5 years warranty, as long as your membership is active. Your membership is active if you have purchased Nespresso coffee capsules within the last 12 months.

• Please contact Nespresso on 80 909 600 for more information about the campaign and terms & conditions.