Welcome to Nespresso!


If you have purchased a new Nespresso machine in the period from April 23, 2019 to June 2, 2019 you will receive an exclusive gift of 50 Nespresso Original coffee capsules or 60 Vertuo coffee capsules when you register your coffee machine.


Your gift depends on the machine system you purchased and consists of the following coffee variants:


Nespresso Original

10 Fortissio Lungo

10 Linizio Lungo

10 Vivalto Lungo

10 Arpeggio

10 Ristretto


Nespresso Vertuo

10 Fortado

10 Stormio

10 Arondio

10 Aflorazio

10 Melozio

10 Double Espresso Scuro


Please note that the capsules can not be exchanged to other varieties.


The redemption of your gift is before June 10, 2019.