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Coffee Tasting

This simple and elegant range of cups has been specifically designed and produced for the Professional Collection.

  • Paper Cups, 8 oz, packs of 50

    Elegantly designed large Nespresso paper cup.

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  • Paper cups 3.4 oz (50 pieces)

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  • Paper cups 6 oz (50 pieces)

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  • Professional Espresso Spoons x 12

    The stainless steel Espresso spoon is a stylish accompaniment.

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  • Professional Recipe Glass x 12

    The Recipe glass is perfect for serving milk-based recipes.

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  • Professional Recipe Spoon x 12

    The stainless steel Recipe spoon, for that added touch of style.

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  • Professional Tray

    Large presentation tray, ideal for serving coffee in hotel or conference rooms.

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  • Stirrers, packs of 100

    Individually wrapped stirrers.

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  • Professional Cappuccino Cups X 12

    The Porcelain Cappuccino cup, ideal for serving a frothy Cappuccino

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  • Professional Espresso Cups x 12

    The Porcelain Espresso cup, ideal for serving both an Espresso or Ristretto.

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  • Professional Large Saucers x 12

    Porcelain saucer for the Lungo and Cappuccino cups.

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  • Professional Lungo Cups X 12

    The Porcelain Lungo cup, ideal for serving a Lungo coffee.

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  • Professional Small Saucers X 12

    Porcelain saucer for the Espresso cup.

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