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The new coffee moments revealed by Nespresso

Two unique tastes, endless opportunities to delight your colleagues and customers.

Born from the perfect balance of roasted Arabicas from Central and South America and the aromas of caramel and vanilla, these creations exert unexpected character: the sweetness of Espresso Caramel and the silky flavors of Espresso Vanilla.


espresso caramel

Caramel Flavored

A complex blend of intensely roasted beans combined with all-natural caramel flavor creates this sweet and bold coffee, with notes of brown sugar and toffee.

Intensity 7
Aromatic profile Caramel
Cup size 1.35 fl oz /40ml
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Espresso vanilla

Vanilla Flavored

The perfect harmony of intense roasting and the classic, all-natural flavor of vanilla. This balanced blend delivers a rich taste and exceptional silkiness.

Intensity 7
Aromatic profile Vanilla
Cup size 1.35 fl oz /40ml
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